Secret Halloween Memo?

Ah! Finally home and in bed for the night.

My family and I stopped for some fuel and refreshments at about 11:00pm at a QuikTrip in Columbia, Missouri before the long drive home, and the experience left me with a question…

We don’t keep Halloween and therefore wouldn’t be in the loop, so we’re wondering: Was there some sort of “Halloween Memo” that went around explaining that all females were to dress up as tramps or prostitutes? If so, it was effective. It may have also mentioned that all males were to ensure they were inebriated before 11:30. That part was apparently effective, as well.

6 thoughts on “Secret Halloween Memo?

  1. Deano

    Unspoken general rules…. I think it kind of falls in line with one of America’s favorite pastimes – partying. Any and every excuse to party will be taken full advantage of!

    A certain passage comes to mind: Harlotry, wine, and new wine enslave the heart (Hosea 4:11).

    Glad you made it home safely.

  2. Mark

    That’s basically what Halloween is to most people today. Especially those in High School and College use it as an excuse to do exactly what you are saying. Of course, with the expansion of immaturity in America (like Mr. Rod McNair brought out in “Do Hard Things”) this view of Halloween is expanding.
    My biggest annoyance was, after leaving our house for the majority of the night, still having a trick-or-treater knock at my door at 11:pm. Who lets their child trick or treat at 11pm?!

  3. Mickey Mayeaux

    Some of my co-workers have children who attend catholic schools. They took their children to a special “trick or treat”, egg search, celebration earier in the week. This is an alternative to the traditional celebration keeping to a more religous exeperience for their children.
    Just another way to be pagen with panache!

  4. I think the memo got passed around long before now to the sexually (if not otherwise) mature and it’s percolating down to the younger set (who, naturally and due to ad manipulation) want to imitate their elders.

    A friend and I noticed quite a few churches in a large block (south of Houston) having alternative “fall festivals” on Halloween night. Well, pagan with panache or not, we thought it a step in the right direction…and one must say they had an excellent nearly-full moon for the occasion…

    Of course, in the end half-measures won’t save us. There is a certain thing that’s been called the only sin that’s a protected civil right, but if we really dealt with the whole list of such things we Americans would have to tear up the Constitution and Bill of Rights and start over.

  5. mamaterri

    I don’t know. I don’t get the memos (and I don’t WANT them either!). But it definitely wouldn’t surprise me.

  6. Proverbs 8:36 (NIV) “…all who hate me love death.”

    Necrophilia is the opposite of loving life Christ offers.

    Why is Death by Chocolate not called Life by Chocolate?

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