Weird “Skull Obsession” for Kids’ Clothes

I’ve wanted to comment on this for some time, but didn’t want to take the time to download the pictures.  Now, with Halloween approaching, it seems to temptingly fitting.

A few months ago — this summer, I think — my family and I were in the kids’ wear section of a local, big-name-chain department store when I came up on a sight I could hardly believe.  There before me was a bewildering array of skull-themed shirts for boys — kids my sons’ ages (5-12, at the moment).  I mean, it was morbid.  The selection seemed to come from a variety of manufacturers, though it was dominated in this case, I believe, by that particular store’s own name brand.

Again, it was months ago: not anywhere near Halloween (not that I would condone it otherwise).  And, to me, it was just shocking.  I pulled out my iPhone and began taking pictures as a means of alleviating the shock.  I don’t think I got a picture of all of them, but here’s what I took:

I’ve since noticed the “skull theme” in children’s clothes much more frequently — again, well before Halloween came knocking.

What is this morbid, death obsession?  The connection between death and rock ‘n’ roll on some of the shirts is pretty clear, too.  What’s up with that?  Stores follow the money: Who out there is buying “death/skull” clothes for their children?  Is it because the adults think it is cool or because the kids are demanding it?  If anyone who has purchased one of these morbid clothing items for his or her child, please feel free to comment and enlighten the rest of us.

Creepy.  Just creepy.  Philippians 4:8, where art thou?

[UPDATE: For those interested, Tomorrow’s World publishes a free booklet on childrearing that is very popular: Successful Parenting: God’s Way, by Dr. Jeffrey Fall. Follow the link to read the booklet online, download it as a PDF or eBook, or to request your own free copy mailed to you. — WGS]

59 thoughts on “Weird “Skull Obsession” for Kids’ Clothes

  1. Clan Leslie

    RIGHT ON! Where did the innocence of children go? Not only are we looking at the morbid wear, but i have also noticed that there is a “vulgar vibe ” in the girls dept. as well…it is very saddening.

  2. Steve Frazer

    Thank you for making a good observation and comment. My son and daughter have seen some nice clothes they liked, only to find a skull at the very bottom or on a sleeve. Seems to ruin the whole idea of getting new clothes for them, they always ask, Papa why do they have to ruin these clothes. If they have such perversions on them we walk away. And I was just introduced to your site, very nice a well informed people are a happy people. Thanks so much!!

  3. Steve

    I’ve been noticing this, too. The kids of some acquaintences have been wearing this stuff. One spends his time drawing pencil pictures of skulls, and proudly displays them as art work. Like you said, it’s creepy.

    Thankfully, none of the kids in our family have followed the trend. But you worry about peer influence.

  4. Summer

    I know a kid who sometimes wears a tie with skulls. I think he’s a little too young to know what’s “cool” and what is not, so it is most likely his parents dressing him up… which is probably more disturbing.

    It seems like there is a connection between the growing number of teenage mothers and trendy kids’ clothes. They themselves may be into the punk rock scene and think it’s cute to dress their kids up likewise…donning do-rags, sunglasses, distressed jeans and some flavor of chuck taylors.

  5. soulhoney

    I’ve never really understood it myself.. and have never really thought about what its real connection is until now. Before I can even remember I have always associated skulls and bones with bad boys and dangerous ideas…I guess displaying them on your shirt/clothes makes you feel big and mean. To me it just makes you look silly and adolescent!
    Yes we live in a very strange world!

  6. Maybe I can come at this topic from a different slant. Think of our thought processes as a chain of connected icebergs floating in a deep, dark sea. The Jungian psychologists would call that sea the individual and collective unconscious, but it would dawn on a Christian quickly that this is the spiritual influence of Satan on us individuals and on the world. And all our thought processes are either partially or totally immersed in that deep, dark sea. (No wonder Jeremiah 17:9 is such an accurate statement!)

    Now the more stress is put on those icebergs, the more likely they’re going to sink into that deep, dark sea. Meanwhile, the sea itself is getting more polluted with time. Thus the fascination with such dark imagery on clothing, things like TWILIGHT, exploitation of youthful sexuality, and on and on…it affects us individually, and corporately some are moved to think of it and take advantage of it.

    Where does the obsession with skulls and death come from? I am afraid that we know all too well. Just how the marketeers are manipulating the impulse is the only question unanswered in my mind.

  7. I see your point. Yet how many fall Holy Day seasons have included a reference in some way to Ezekiel 37?

    Admittedly, I never pictured this in my mind as a valley full of skulls before — but if we take this beyond a vision, I suppose it could be.

  8. Howdy, Richard, and thanks for your comment. Though I will assume that you are speaking “tongue in cheek” since referencing Ezekiel 37 in a sermon — even frequently — and the matter of these shirts could hardly be more different. 🙂

  9. Deano

    I think it may have something to do with the fact that a lot of teenage boys have a fascination with the occult, and magic etc….

    In the 80’s there was a popular band called Iron Maiden who had a “mascot” named Eddy. He was like a half rotted corpse with skull like features:

    Bottom line – Satan is the god of this world.

  10. Just to add something to the pot: a citation from Answers in Genesis (e-mail newsletter)…

    Haunted houses, ghosts, demons—our Western culture can’t seem to get enough of the spirit world. The latest Gallup poll indicates that 42% of Americans believe in demon possession, 37% believe in haunted houses, and 32% believe in ghosts. (Not just Americans are enthralled—40% of the British believe in haunted houses, too.)

    Though interest in the paranormal is widespread, the majority of people are skeptical. They discount all spirit activity, going so far as to deny the existence of Satan and demons. Yet outright denial of Satan and demons is not the answer either. That view rejects the revelation in the Bible and the phenomena witnessed clearly and broadly in many lands and societies. The first- and second-world countries, not just third-world countries, experience demonic powers, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

    Unless we have a biblical view of God, mankind, and the spirit world, we will not have the perspective to understand the evil that plagues our world.

  11. G G

    I enjoy the structure of our skeleton, yet, I am concerned about the negative visuals from many of the skull related shirts out there. As a parent of impressionable children from a split family, I battle over this skull issue all the time. I’m okay was skulls and groovy graphics as long as it doesn’t depict death by torture or appear satanic in nature. The other parent doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of it and often purchases the stuff that I find offensive and unfitting for my Christian home. In the end there is a continual discord between myself and my children who are now the proud owners of these t-shirts. They children are too big for me to remove the shirts from their bodies and they refuse to take them off. Any thoughts?

  12. Howdy, G G, and while I do not have much time right now, let me say that what is probably more important is that you and your husband get on the same page. If you are struggling to pull the kids one way while he is pulling them another, that’s a difficult spot to be in. I’d focus on figuring out how to work together – a fractured set of parents is probably more potentially harmful than the skull clothing. Of course, there may be more to your situation since I do not know you personally, but that is just my 2 cents based on the little bit you wrote. 🙂

    Thanks for writting in!

  13. G G

    Since I enjoy reading your comments, I figure I will expand upon the topic from skulls to real life drama. As a single woman who elected to not marry the father of the shared children, husband seems be far too strong of a word. As a nearly thirty new mom I learned the hard way that sex outside of marriage can result in years of problems.

    I have spent years addressing a parenting relationship that has not worked well. I’m a conservative Christian professional and he appears to be a liberal “something or other” blue collar worker. One reaches a point where they have been done wrong so many times that the effort seems futile.

    I have spent nearly as much time in a courtroom as a daycare. I have been accused of some many things that were not true in efforts to make me look bad. I have quit high paying jobs to address the matters at hand. All the while trying to shield the children while money was spent on attorneys in lieu of the children future education. The goal of the other parent has been to ruin me mentally and financially. I’m banking on God’s favor to pull us through all the nonsense.

    It is very important to me that my children have a strong foundation in Christ. As pre-teens that are still young and impressionable. They are dealing with a less than adequate situation no matter what measures I try to put forth. Right now, I’m trying to take each unchristian-like scenario out at a time.

    Lately, the skull t-shirts have been highlighted. One child refused to dress for Christmas eve service in anything but the skull t-shirt. I am disappointed and ashamed of my children wearing shirts that depict evil. I want them to understand the negative vibe they give off to God-loving people. Further, I want respecting God and his people to be important to them.

  14. Thanks, again, G G, and I’m glad that you enjoy the blog. I am sorry that your circumstances are so difficult, and it sounds as though you have learned some difficult lessons. I hope you are able to teach your children to respond to your authority and instruction.

    We have a helpful free booklet on the topic of parenting that you may want to request: “Successful Parenting: God’s Way.”. I’ve found it very helpful. Just click on the title (if I did the link right!) to go to the website to read, print, or order it.

  15. Stefany Clark

    Your comments are all right on point. I have also been concerned about this trend in my beautiful, Christian 13 year old daughter who now wears nearly all black, draws and wears skulls, likes spike accessories, and colored her hair dark black.

    After writing up and attempting a clothing “clothing contract” to at least limit all the black, we went to a family counselor who is focused on her insomnia. The counselors professional advise was NOT to argue with your teen over clothing!

    Don’t argue over anything that’s not a moral imperative. Deal with the underlying issues first (like insomnia or depression), and the rest will work out. We love our daughter no matter what she looks like. And, nope, we don’t buy it for her. She works hard to pay for all her own clothes. It’s still difficult to watch, but I think she’s gradually choosing to wear more light hearted, positive clothing on her own and our relationship is better without all the superficial conflict.

  16. nico

    its the new look for the newer generation i mean come on people your wining about the skulls on shiorts really now have u not seen all the shirts that have to do with drugs get a life jus because theirs a alot of kids n teens an adults that were shirts that have skulls doesnt [DELETED] mean their satanioc thats idiotic some people jus think their coo i got a full tatted sleeve of skulls and im not satanic i go to church i believe in god so stop with the knit piking [DELETED] theirs more stuff in the world to worry about then just clothes or skulls!

  17. Greetings, nico, and thanks for your [profanity-laced] opinion. However, I’m afraid that the spirit of your response illustrates some of the very things that make Bible-believing Christians reluctant to embrace the culture you are recommending. (For the record, I don’t like shirts dealing with drugs, either.) No one is saying that the people are “satanic,” but they are buying into a morbid culture that Satan is quite pleased with. In a sense, you are right the clothes aren’t the problem, in and of themselves. But they certainly are a symptom of the problem.

    By the way, I’m glad that you believe in God, nico, but even the demons believe, and tremble (James 2:19). You must do more than believe. I hope that you will consider not just believing in Him but obeying Him, as well, and leave foul language (Col.3:8) and tatoo culture (Lev. 19:28) behind.

  18. James

    whats so wrong with skulls? honestly? some people are into that kind of style, and its good if your kids like don’t make them change for your sake. they’re not going to take mommy and daddy’s decisions there entire life.. it’s proven that the more u force and punish your kids growing up the more rebellious they are. if you want different kinds of clothes, don’t shop at west 49, or D-tox.. shop at like Walmart and Zellars.
    Skulls do not mean “DEATH OBSESSION”, its just what older kids wear because its cool and if it makes ur child feel cool, then let them be happy. peace out.

  19. James – Comment #1: Thanks for your comment, but you seem to have missed the part where I said we were in a “local, big-name-chain department store.” JCPenney, Wal-Mart, et al. All of them seem to have this stuff. And not only do I think that 5-year-olds should not be choosing their own styles, I do strongly think that parents have a responsibility to teach their children to make wise and healthy choices. What we wear on our shirts says much about what we possess inside our heads, and it isn’t simply a matter of “style.”

    As for your statement, “it’s proven that the more u force and punish your kids growing up the more rebellious they are,” it is not exactly true, though you do seem to be close to something that is. For instance, punishment, in and of itself, is not at all bad and certainly does not make children rebellious if it is a part of a loving approach to discipline and guidance. And I’m not sure what you mean by “force” — if you mean keep them like a bug under your thumb, you’re right, but if you mean be a real, loving authority in their lives (with real rules, real enforcement, etc.), then you wouldn’t be.

    James – Comment #2: Actually, “JAMES,” God has done a great deal for me. Thanks for asking!

  20. Hi Mr. Smith! –

    James’ #1: It’s a cardinal theorem of secular psychology – or at least what I just found out is the only branch of it that’s interested in the development of both personality and character (one of that ilk loved my summary, “character is what you do about your personality”) – that the symbols we dwell on and use in our conscious minds and personal lives mirror exactly what’s going on in our unconscious minds. Observation consistently supports this. Skulls on the T-shirt on the outside, some kind of fixation with what skulls represent on the inside – and it resides in what is called the Shadow. Q.E.D.

    You don’t even have to refer to God or the Bible to realize that. That’s because God also reveals Himself through nature. Reject that general revelation and you’ll reject His special written revelation also.

    James’ #2: Yes, indeed, quite a bit, beginning with the creation of the universe and life within it… as the late namesake physicist John (Archibald) Wheeler said (for specific quantum mechanical reasons), it’s as if the universe somehow knew we were coming. We have a transcendent purpose for being here, and it affects everything we do every day of our lives (whether we’re called to understand that purpose yet or not).

  21. Justin L Friedman

    My girlfriend is into the skulls. She buys this stuff for her young kids and her husband doesn’t like it.

  22. Clint Eastwood

    This disgusting “skull obsession” is just another glaring indication of how warped and depraved our society has become.

    I was in a store the other day and saw a 18-20 year old girl in a low cut top with a pair of skulls on her [breasts]!

    What the hell was going through her mind when she spent good money and endured pain in order to have her body defaced?

    Are there any men warped enough to actually find that attractive? [Sentence edited out, here.]

    We live in an increasingly cynical Godless world,everyone has weird tattoos,disgusting piercings and foul attitudes.

    We have 10-13 year olds killing their parents and committing shockingly dark crimes.

    The way a person dresses and the kind of music tell a lot about the person.

    I think a big part of the problem is that the “parents” are immature morons themselves and the kids never stand a chance.

    [Edit: Wallace Smith, here, and thanks for your thoughts, Mr. Eastwood. I hope you don’t mind the couple of edits I made; we’re of gentle sensibilities here, but I would suspect that the sentiments you’ve expressed are shared by most who come to this blog. Thanks for stopping by!]

  23. Mandy

    I googled some info on skulls tonight and came across your blog…. My son had his end of the year wrestling party tonight where they handed out t-shirts. You guessed it… great big skull on it, front and center :0/ I wasn’t standing there when he got it but he said to my husband “I won’t wear that!!” (which made my heart smile!) I walked over took one look at it walked it up to the coach and told him to give it to someone else cause I would never allow a child in my home to wear it!!
    So these days we have our little girls dressing like hookers with their short shorts and their low cut shirts and our boys wearing one of the most common symbols for DEATH…. :0(

  24. Cassandra Ann Temple

    It is a sad topic that has always bothered me. I can’t stand seeing skulls on clothing (adults or kids) or on anything else such as sunglasses, perfume bottles, etc. It seems like the world just likes death and it just hurts my heart when I see people wear items of any sort with the image of a skull on it. I often wonder what their point is in having these items out there on the market. I really appreciate your blog as a friend of mine pointed it out to me and sent it to me when I spoke of this topic and questioned it. I am glad I am not the only one that feels this way or questions it. Have a great day my friend Wally!

  25. Michael Stranberg

    As a firefighter much of our symbolism involves skulls. The brothers and I frequently wear shirts and other gear with a skull and fire helmet logo. It reminds us of what we’re up against. That death is ever-present as part of the work we do. We face and see death everyday. So when I save your church, your house, or your child from the flames and my brothers and I face death save your life and property are you going to care that under my gear is a “scary” “evil” scull. I’ve seen many brave firefighters but everything on the line for others willing to make the ultimate sacrifice all while wearing “demonic” looking sculls. Christians who judge by appearance are far from the model of Christ they claim to follow. And lets all cut the hypocrisy, Christians are absolutely obsessed with death symbols”drinking blood” “eating flesh”!? Bear in mind the cross is a symbol of blood, gore, and torture. Which is a more evil symbol, the skull representing the inevitable end of all living things, or the cross, a bloody sick execution device? All I ever saw in the church and seminary was this kind of ill thought out judgement and hypocrisy.

  26. Greetings, Mr. Stranberg, and thanks for your post, as well as for your service as a firefighter. Before I respond, I should point out a few things. For instance, I agree that the cross is a symbol of blood, gore, and torture, and I do not use it in any way as a symbol for my faith, nor do any of us who believe in the Ten Commandments in the Church of God. I certainly do not believe that the bread and wine of Passover is literally the flesh and blood of Christ, nor am I a fan of seminaries, in general, and have never attended one. I’m sorry that all you have found in your exposure to “Christianity” is “ill though out judgement and hypocrisy” though it is not surprising, since there is much of both in the “Christianity” of this world.

    These things aside, your criticisms are way off base, and you would appear to be guilty of the very same “ill thought out judgement and hypocrisy” of which you accuse others. For instance, if you and your brothers-in-service use skull imagery to remind yourselves to a certain extent of what you face, perhaps that could have a place. It is, however, irrelevant given the topic of this post. Did you even read the post? Assuming that you aren’t interested in skull/death imagery for more morbid purposes, how could your decision as a firefighter to use such images as reminders of the dangers you face mean in any way at all that it is OK to be selling such images and their associated mentality to five-year-olds? If anything, you should agree with the spirit of this post, Mr. Stranberg! Think about it: You claim to use such images for meaningful purposes, as reminders of the reality of the dangers you face in your service to your fellow man. Yet, this culture that sells the same things to five-year-olds and as decorations on jewelry and skateboards and tattoos and little girl’s dresses–etc., etc., etc.–does nothing but make a mockery of what you see as something important and meaningful… It trivializes the very things you and your brothers use to remind you of the real enemy in your struggles. Really, Mr. Stranberg, if what you are saying about your usage of such symbols is true, you should agree that turning them into mindless marketing gimmicks for kiddies is a crime against culture and a trivializing of the risk you and your firefighting family face on call after call.

    Again, not to beat a dead horse (though I admit to enjoying a little dead horse kicking), you’ll notice that this post has not addressed the preponderance of skulls in the military’s symbolism, either — also very prominent in all branches of the service, and much more understandable than decorating a toddler’s pajamas, don’t you think? Surely you aren’t arguing that what you and your brothers face, as do our men and women in Afghanistan, justifies trivializing it by putting it on toddlers’ pajamas and teeny-boppers’ earrings, do you? If you do, then feel free to explain why (since nothing you said is even close to being related to that point). If you don’t, then you agree with what we’re saying here and have no real beef.

    So, to summarize… If you actually read the post, you surely recognize that your comment is off. Hopefully you also recognize that you have done as you condemn others for doing: judge without thinking. Perhaps you are overly sensitive to religion and angry at those who are religious (you did seem oddly bitter in your comment) — I don’t know. But you are certainly welcome to come and comment, again; all I ask is that if you do, please read more carefully and be a bit more civil. Not only will you not risk looking like you are guilty of the self-righteous attitude of which you accuse others, you might also have a better chance of being heard and considered for your ideas, even if they are in strong disagreement.

    Thanks, again.

  27. Heather

    I noticed this trend several years ago, and sadly I bought a scarf,hat and gloves for my 2 yr old daughter with the skull & crossbones in the design. I didn’t even see it, a friends outspoken daughter brought it to my attention. I was so mad they would put this on kids clothing. Once pointed out its all I could see. But the market is flooded with it, constantly passing up clothing because of this. Making it pink doesn’t make it cute.

    Recently noticed my step son constantly in pictures with skull/crossbones shirts. His mother explains it away with him loving all things pirate. But it really bothers me. I refuse to buy clothing for my kids that has these symbols on them. I’m not a fan of the peace symbol littering children’s either. Buying kids clothing shouldn’t be so hard.

    The trend only seems to be growing.

  28. Hey, thanks for writing, Heather! I agree. I’ve seen a surprising amount of girl clothing with skull motifs. Pink corpses are certainly not any more settling that regular corpses. It’s only a matter of time before someone makes “Hello Kitty” skulls, if they haven’t already.

  29. Kristy

    I have noticed this too and MANY are not talking about it. Is is epidemic and very demonic. My mother and grandmother who profess to be christians keep buying clothes for my toddler girls with peace signs=demonic, owls,just found out there is an owl god=bohemian grove, skull wrist band. I had to throw everything out. I have told them and told them I do not want any of this on my girls or in my house. I am exasperated as these are birthday and Christmas gifts.


    i had to google and thank God this lead me to this site… i am wondering if this has something to do w. the last days..they’re few selections in children items and they are promoting these deadlike symbols… to me it looks like a poison sign. America is so screwed up and I am talking about our gov’t.. and slowly they are trying to drive the innocence out of our children it’s unbelievable.

  31. Chris Rose

    Any combat soldier who has seen blood and gore for real does not find the skull/death motif a good design choice.

  32. I was thinking on Mr. Strasberg, and his misunderstanding of the symbols of Christianity and Christians in general. He must have been really mistreated by “Christians” at some point.
    The cross to me simply represents the day the savior gave his life as a sacrifice for our sins so we could have an intimate relationship with God. Yes, His death was gory, but He paid a huge debt. The Cross was on Golgotha, place of the skull.
    I understand firefighters wearing a skull on their clothing as some in the military do as well. They are showing their willingness to sacrifice their lives for others too if necessary.
    However, as a parent, I never allowed and my kids would not wear clothing with skulls on it or any image that glorified death. I see mostly “goths “or “skaters” wearing these items and feel they are trying to show how un afraid they are. Actually, my heart breaks for these kids and I feel it is a cry for attention. Death is not a happy thought, but living forever is.

  33. Angela

    So, funny story… I stumbled across this site actually looking for skull clothing for my 11 year old daughter. And let me just say first off, I have read everyone’s comments thoroughly.
    I am a young mother of 5 ranging from 11yrs-21months. I am Catholic (go ahead and kick that horse) and so are my children. We are not avid church goers but do our best and believe in doing onto others as you would have others do onto you.
    I’ll get to my point, obviously I have bought skull clothing for my children and myself. I see nothing wrong with it. It is a fad and like any other will go as quickly as it came. I personally have a back piece of skulls wrapped in roses. When I dreampt up the tattoo I wanted something to show the inevitable but beautified, I wanted something to remind myself of my accomplishments and how life can get very ugly but it is what you make of it. I chose to make mine beautiful for as long as I can while I can 🙂 I also have a tattoo of lips on my right butt cheek (I’m sure you can guess where I was going with that one.) I have alot of thoughts about what the bible teaches and what it does not BUT I will keep them to myself for those are my thoughts and I do not want or expect others to feel the same nor do I wish to be told how to feel or think.
    Back to my point, I believe that there are a lot better/worse things to be spending our time worrying about and fixing. We as parents, grandparents, and role models have to pick and chose our battles with our young ones or we will lose that battle. An item with a skull on it is not the end of the world. It is just simply a style or an expression for what ever it may be. When buying these items for my children I do not look at it as if I am buying them something to celebrate death or being morbid but rather a symbol of tuff. Ever heard of the phrase “bad to the bones”? 🙂 I know (trust me! I know) most of you will have negative things to say about my comment but I thought I’d enlightened y’all anyway.
    Have a great evening and try to be a bit more happy. 🙂 Life is so short to fret on the little things.

  34. Howdy, Angela, and, yes, that is a funny story. 🙂 Regardless of how you found the blog, welcome! And, as you’ve picked up, you probably won’t get a lot of sympathy. I will say that I would think that your skull clothes searching probably stems from the fact that you made one big permanent choice for yourself that was skull-related and so it now influences the clothes you want your kiddos to wear. And that’s normal (about the clothes, not the big tattoo 🙂 ). If I could buy lots of math-themed clothes for my kids (which would be awesome!), I probably would. And certainly, there can be an element of “I’m tough” to it in some cases; that makes perfect sense. But given the vast appeal of the fad, I don’t think that’s all there is, nor do I think that the underlying source of the appeal will fade away, even if the fad, itself, does.

    As for what the Bible (a book that actually does tell us in many ways what to think and feel!) says about tattoos, I talk about that in other posts and it would likely be a distraction. I’d rather spend some time thanking you for your warm and pleasantly delivered disagreement! Not everyone is so kind in expressing a contrary opinion, and my thanks to you for being so. I hope you find some nice clothes for your kiddo!

  35. Kelli

    Will you people drop this holier than thou attitude already. Wearing a shirt with a skull does not make a person satanic or death obsessed anymore than wearing a shirt with a confederate flag makes a person pro slavery. I wore a tee shirt with skulls on it just today. I dont have a single satanic or death obsessed bone in my body. I wonder what the generation before some of you thought of your clothing choices.

  36. Thanks for your thoughts, Kelli, though I do think you miss the point. I agree with you: One individual’s wearing a certain item doesn’t, in and of itself, mean that individual think a certain thing. Coming from Texas, I can say that I knew a lot of folks who loves the Confederate flag, none of whom were pro-slavery.

    That said, being concerned about a cultural trend and what it might say about that culture is not the same as having a “holier than thou” attitude. And some of the clothing being made for even wee little ones is, indeed, pretty morbid. It’s an odd cultural obsession, and it’s worth wondering why it is so popular. And wondering what God must think of such things is, of course, always worthwhile.

    Thanks, again.

  37. Kelli is missing the point. If I were to wear a t-shirt with a pot leaf on it people would think that I smoke pot. If I were to go around wearing a t-shirt with a beer on it people would think I was a drunk. You do promote something when you wear it on your clothes. There is a death cult obsession in this culture. It is not normal for any clothing designer to want babies and little innocent kids to wear death symbols when they are so young and full of life just because their dumb parents think that it is cool. Not every parent is a biker or wants to wear biker wear for themselves or their children. Never before have I seen so many shows and books celebrating the occult, including vampires, skulls, death, etc. Never before have I seen so many extremely graphic CSI sitcoms which glorify death and murder. It is satanic and it is disgusting!

  38. Steven Moore

    I’ve seen the skulls on shirts on the rise for some time now in the big department stores. Also here in Australia there are stores we call two dollar shops and low budget home ware shops. There is a growing number of small statues of dragons, skeletons, wizards in various poses, holding crystal balls etc. These displays have grown to fill several shelves and have spread into all stores of this nature. These ornaments are purchased by the less wealthy in society and are always made of poor quality material ( some sort of resin) and almost always black.

    It occurred to me the other day that perhaps the manufacturers themselves were not aware of the satanic genre of these ornaments,until l saw a clock with a black dragon and skulls wrapped around it with the satanic goat used in satanism on the clocks face.

    There was no any doubt in my mind that this was being driven by Satan himself.

  39. Anel

    Hi. I have noticed as a concerned parent and teacher that the “sweet and innocent” little pink and blue skulls on children’s clothing 5 years ago has evolved into full blown evil skulls on the same child’s clothing 5 years along the line. (Including just about every other object they own) They are now very into dark and evil images which they defend vehemently! My children grew up in the age of the skull and we never succumbed to this trend. They are as cool as any other teenager! Are the parents of small children buying into this culture not an example of the proverbial frog in the hot water scenario? I teach art and most of my students want to depict skulls which resemble tradtional images of Satan in their art work. It is a disturbing tendency which has become a way of life!

  40. Goth Girl 666

    I’m wearing a skull shirt right now and I think it is absolutely adorable! I also have a skull tattoo that isn’t in any way related to Satan. Could you tell me the location of the store where you found these items of clothing? I’m looking to expand my wardrobe! Thanks!

  41. fe

    please remember they are just childs, kids, not punks, killers, or annimal furr traders. from psicology, analizing, (try to ask in a clever way, please!!, what do they feel like when they observed general life they live?, every day feelings? and the clothes they use (are related any word from the first questions to the words in the answer?
    if you are remotely interest in understand and learn from them, you will notice that if you open up feelings and considerations with kids, even them, based in the shared confidence, will try to think deeper and setled for both of you an answer. have you ever carried a note (or bigger mesage)against a wrong attitude( for a bad response in a service,? killing whales by certain countries?, joung slaughtered by cops? a case I´ve treated some time ago in just the case I mention, is an example, seemed a war declared from the daughter to the parents (but more to her) she just cathegorize the “skull mania as BAD”, coul be a fase, an interest, but no, she choose to judge without listening their own blood. this judment make the child week, loner, and more sad about that def -by own will-mom, alone and understood in world. in the study of the case (psicosocial) we try to release the speculation so she coud notice wow unapropiated she was by sharing -for who that knows some psicology” that the family and near ones were making kids feeling fear of life, and at the same time, hate, fear for the “horrible having childs in adolescence, as you maybe have told them; reflecting in and somehow artistic graphic that confusing unger. have you ever mentioned, or show in an arguing with your husband desapointing of life? “have no, or better, don´t show feelings, better show a strong image? any in your family have done this? any closer to the kids? is common in this times, every where are news about war, suffering, children in pain and hunger, how can I face it? thinks the kid: well, I choose this graphic compose! in my t shirt. remember kids are like sponges, absorving every thing they are attending at, the pesimist news, the sarcastic friend laghing about marriage…every thing, as we , as you do too, and when you feel good, don´t you put yourself another clothes than you went to a funeral. tv, radio , music, news are telling them “this is a funeral” just shearch for news in the web: airplain crush… and so on, I modestly sugest you understand why, from his, or hers lips. don´t asume, try to understand

  42. you guys are funny..relating skulls to stuff that is morbid and satanic and bad..that is your belief..and people are some of the biggest hypocrites..saying stuff like not judging people for their reasons to having skulls demons and death but wanting people to quit liking what they like and saying children shouldn’t wear them..not giving kids the choice to wear what they like..and yes..children aren’t stupid..they choose what they like from a young age and they change as they grow me..i like horror movies..skulls..death..demons..blood qnd gore..but I am far from evil..spotless criminal record..i am 20..but ive liked them since I was a influence from anyone..and back before it became a thing..i am obsessed with it..yes..wont why wouldnt others be fine..sometimes I make it a symbol..but mostly it is just an unconscious thing..[expletive deleted] love them..violence and evil comes from how they are raised and notr teaching kids how to be hasz nothing to do with images..and movies and stuff..that is all influences us slightly..raise your kids properly and know your children’s nature..because the evil nature of people has been set since birth..and it is hard to change it..this stupid argument of these things are bad comes from your own warped mind of connecting these images to your own beliefs and connecting them to violence when there is really no connection..and go back to ancient civilizations..skulls demon and death has been around since the is a part of us..and surprisingly..people didn’t use it as symbols of violence like you please quit being hypocrites and quit is just something we like..and children like..

  43. Thanks for commenting, “Demon,” but we’ll have to disagree on much. Too much of what you say is simply objectively wrong. What we choose to mentally “feed” ourselves with does absolutely affect us. You admit that it does “slightly”; I would say more than slightly. Demons are real and nothing to play with or take a fancy to. And even with fiction, it all has an effect on us. Actually, seeing all of the things you say you are into in addition to an obsession with skull imagery actually helps prove the point of such associations. I pray you find healthier things to “obsess” over in the future. — Thanks, again.

  44. The point we’re making is it’s growing every year and the skulls are everywhere… wasn’t like that when you were a kid if your twenty.There were no skulls on kids clothes back then.

  45. 4zt3cm3x1can0 you go have a more warped mind than most people if you think demons are real..there is no proof of it..and i say slightly because you dont really hear of people killing because of a movie or song or is too fact..religious images have caused more trouble..hehehehe..stop it..hehehehehe..and dont worry about me loving these sort of i far from evil..have a spotless criminal record..and of course..unlike you..i dont believe in such fictious things..but everyone has their opinion so oo well..dont bother replying because i know you wont agree with me and i wont agree with you..but just because just because i am different..i wont hold it against you..but i do hope these dont go shows a lot of freedom and it is just my type of thing..well..not that it ever will go last not mad..and i am not arguing..but i did want to let people know what i thought..again..not that it will matter with people like your type..hehehehe..c ya..

  46. Greetings, again, 4zt3cm3x1can0, and thanks for your thoughts. And you are right — such opinions won’t matter to “people like [my] type”: reasoning people who have actually considered the facts and the evidence. 🙂

    I’ll just say that if you think the lack of a criminal record equates to being “far from evil” you have no idea what evil actually is, which explains a lot of what you say. And if you think I’m saying that “a movie or song or image” makes people kill, you have no idea what I’m actually saying. If you want to mock an idea, try to mock the actual idea that is being expressed. Otherwise, you just look sort of silly.

    And I’m not sure why you keep mentioning “evil,” at all. If you don’t believe God exists (though I may be assuming), then you cannot consistently believe in any concept such as good or evil, since objective morals do not exist without God. In His absence, even the most atrocious of criminal records isn’t truly evil — just nothing but a list of accomplishments. In fact, the record isn’t “atrocious” at all. So, perhaps you need to revisit a few things.

    So, again, thanks for letting people know what you think. Hopefully the thinking in your life will increase in the future.

  47. Marie

    Some of the posts from a couple years ago say that this is a passing trend but it is 2015 and it is still going strong. I started to wear skull tshirts, backpacks and even on my sandals, back in 2004 or so, I thought it was cute or cool. How wrong I was, something that happened last year while thinking about attending RCIA made me stay away from wearing these items.

  48. I am amazed that this post was publishing 6 years ago. I have 4 children aged 5-15 and I have never allowed any of them to buy anything that resembles death or hints at the occult. We do not watch horror films or anything that is above a pg rating, though even some pg movies are questionable. I believe that what we as parents are trying to preserve is the God-given gift of children, innocence. Children are not allowed to be innocent anymore. Our airwaves are saturated with sex and violence. The only channel in our home that I feel relatively secure keeping on unsupervised is PBS. I understand that this post is about marketing death images to children, but our culture has deteriorated well beyond that already. I believe that those parents who allow their children to wear such clothing do not really understand or realize that there is a spiritual realm. Images can be open doors to demonic activity. Symbols of the occult have power attached to them. I came out of astrology, a form of witchcraft, and I have been acquainted with many witches. Occult symbols are part of their worship. Someone’s ignorance about the reality of this power does not negate its existence. The enemy is sly, and he works through deception. He makes something appear innocent, even beneficial to draw you in. But ever so slowly, you are reeled into darker and darker things. The eyes and the ears are the gates to the soul. You become what you focus your attention upon. Those fixated on death, will think it, dream it and quite possibly act it out. And yes, it can start with something as silly as a t-shirt. The devil isn’t messing around. He plays for keeps. If I were in a battle, I wouldn’t put on a bright orange shirt, unless I wanted to get shot.

  49. jd

    hi, i saw this pretty skull printed crop top and since halloween is around the corner,grabbed the only piece that was in the store.i tried it and it looked bewitchingly cool. I am a catholic indian living in the fadhion suburb of Mumbai.This fad has taken over here too in all the shopping malls and stores ,big and flee shops alike.And i have resisted this urge to buy the most trendiest skull clothing only because my spiritual knowledge is vast. This time around i could not resist myself.i pray the rosary everyday with my family and i believe i was nudged gently last night through a strange occurence towards this purchase. i had a sleepless night..The first thing i did was wake up and search some relevant info on skulls though i feared at the back of my mind that i already knew what i would find.i am heavy in my heart but this piece of clothing has to go.Thank you for the very many insights and comments here that helped firm my resolve.

  50. jd

    I came to the conclusion that to the trendy both symbols  have no meaning.  But to the believer it displays their life’s faith.  Believers who attach spiritual meaning to the Skull & Crossbones may be expressing,“ Seize the Moment”, or “Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow I may die.”; noted in the film (Dead Poet’s Society). Whereas on the other hand the Cross to the Christian means triumph over death and eternal life through Christ’s sacrifice.

    Take notice of the Skull’s foundation.  The head rests on the foundational bones that resemble an X.  The “X” denotes “wrong or incorrect” or an “unknown value”. So man meets with death because he is either ignorant  of the truth or has chosen to journey down the wrong path.  Scripture says:

    “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”  Proverbs 16:25.

    The Christian cross on the other hand is foundational for “Truth”.  Jesus said:

    “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6.

     The Cross is  a “positive” (+) symbol denoting first a connection with the eternal “Father” and then with “Mankind”. The cross is the foundation that seals our eternal fate.  There is no death head resting on the cross because Jesus’ death and resurrection has made Him “head” of the “Body”.

    Jesus came to separate us from the fate of death by providing payment for our sins  through His shed blood.  The grave could not hold Him because He  never sinned and fulfilled all requirements of God’s Law”.

    We can’t ward off evil or conger up its power by wearing a symbol.  Neither can we have eternal life by wearing a cross, going to church or reciting “Hail Marys”.

    The only Way to live positively  is through Faith in believing in God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, who conquered death and sin for us  through His own death and resurrection.

  51. Hi JD.
    That was a very interesting and thought provoking comparison. Thank you 😊 I believe that that is true. Symbols, in and of themselves have no power except for what a person attaches to them, but please humor me on this point. Both the cross and the skull are symbols of death. One is a symbol of death that leads to life and the other death that leads to despair. Traditionally the skull and crossbones is a reminder of our mortality; death without hope. Here is my question, why identify yourself with the latter? What’s so glorious about that? I already know that I am mortal. I already know that death awaits me one day, but why oh why would I want to be reminded of that? Why would I place a symbol of death on a universal and living symbol of life and hope, a child?

  52. Virgo

    I agree that the skull is a morbid,ignorant,senseless,ugly,sick,etc sign of the sad times we live in today,and clearly people do not fully realize how these so called “trivial” things can and do affect developing minds,attitudes,and thus behaviors.Reading all the previous comments does nothing but prove my(our) point about how detached our society is becoming from Christ and shows even more clearly how little it matters to people anymore that they are.In our “flesh obsessed” times today,the popular way to think is “if it feels good then do it”, regardless of the negative consequences attached to it either then or later,or even if innocent children’s minds/futures become permanently damaged by unconcerned or oblivious parents.Its a vicious cycle over and over these days,having children and NOT having know-how or courage to stand up for what’s really RIGHT not only for the children,but for HUMANITY in general.Being a good parent isn’t a popularity contest and children need true guidance,not another “friend” with their parents.If people actually did their homework on the skull symbol,they would find it is/has always been a symbol used to give warning of poisonous substances(I’m a certified pharmacy technician) or other similar danger(s),so where or WHY did it ever become a fun fanciful design to plaster on everything we can see or buy today????? People must ask themselves just exactly WHAT are we trying to promote with such an undeniably morbid symbol,and if your intentions aren’t evil,then why do you even continue to support it or argue for its continuation?? It truly is a mild but also powerful form of brainwashing by retailers that we don’t have to participate in by buying the products and proudly but ignorantly endorsing evil,death,danger,or Satan,And this IS what is happening whether people admit it or agree with it,esp based on the majority of people defending the right to wear it like it’s really such a wonderful thing.Ignorance is bliss I guess,but it’s still no excuse.Wake up people if you truly want our children to even remotely stand a chance of survival in this world we are creating(or ruining depending on your consciousness of it).Dont say you haven’t been warned…take your responsibilities more serious as the next generation is depending on us for it,and us on them as well.And yes,it IS that serious.Just tune in to the latest news and crime reports to find out if you don’t wanna take our word for it.Theres always hope IF people care enough.So do YOU?? 🤔

  53. Fritz

    Death is in the air, we are killing the planet, we are poisoning the ocean. Our most popular and main stream films, TV shows and games are all about death. We are trying to show that we don’t fear it, we are trying to inoculate ourselves. Children are being “vaccinated” with the skull symbol which has, just like a vaccine, been weakened by being colored pink or put on an arty T-shirt or made into a pirate motif. A skull tat is literally a vaccination of sorts. Will it work? not literally of course, but figuratively it might. People who grow up with this “vaccination” may not fear death so much. Of course that can work both ways. It was the symbol of the SS for a reason – they didn’t fear killing others. New members had to raise a puppy to six months and then kill it while others laughed in amusement. The skull to a Nazis is even more potent than the swastika, maybe that’s the next trend. Perhaps its just too painful to live and raise kids knowing we are committing matricide so lets see if we can find a way to function in spite of death rising with the tide – maybe a cheap way, like buying a totem, or sporting an amulet. Yeah, lets put death in its place, fear me, back off death for I am badass! and my toddlers are going to be even more badass! I own you! I decapitated you and put your head on this shirt! And after all didn’t we invent and drop the A-bomb and blow up the “death” star? Do we know this is what we are doing, of course not, no one is going to admit or accept the idea that their attempt, conscious or unconscious, to be more powerful or to empower their children is in fact just a sad and useless lament.

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