A Belated “Back from Branson!”

Howdy, and we’re back from Branson!  What a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles it was — really, in many ways one of the most spiritually profitable my family has ever had.  My many thanks to all of you who helped it to go so well for so many.  We are already working on 2010 preparations for Branson, should God have all of us there, again, next year!

My apologies that it has taken me a while to write here on the blog.  The day after we returned (Tuesday) we were in a car accident, in which someone hit us from behind at a stop light (slick roads, all that good stuff).  As such things normally do, this resulted in a few additional, unexpected tasks this week, such as getting the van into the body shop, acquiring a rental, etc.  The missus and I have had some headaches, neck aches, etc. since the accident, but thankfully they are beginning to feel better.  My thanks to all who heard of our mishap on Facebook (I think my wife posted something to someone) or otherwise and who have sent in warm wishes.  We are all doing much better.  🙂

I’ve come across so many news items that I have wanted to post about since we’ve returned, but I will wait until another time — maybe even later today.  Until then, let me say that I hope each of you had a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles, yourselves!

2 thoughts on “A Belated “Back from Branson!”

  1. Wendy Dobbins

    Thanks for all you do and did at the FOT in Branson. You inspire so many with the way you present your sermons, sermonettes and Tomorrow’s World telecasts. You have a way of catching and holding everyone’s attention. My son-in-law (first Feast) enjoyed your sermons and sermonettes the most. Not sure if God is working with him, but he did attend everyday except one when he was feeling under the weather. Please pray for him and my daughter who was raised in the church and has expressed an interest again since her Dad died in July. Take care and hope you all are feeling better. In Christian love, Wendy Dobbins

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