Cleansing the palette after MJ’s speech

I don’t keep up with sports that much (I know: not a big revelation to those who know me), but it is my understanding that Michael Jordan’s speech at his Hall of Fame induction was less than gracious and, apparently, simply petty.

For those who saw it and would like to cleanse their palette, here’s a great article on a class act: Jordan’s fellow Hall of Fame 2009 inductee David Robinson.

3 thoughts on “Cleansing the palette after MJ’s speech

  1. Norbert

    After reading the article linked by ‘simply petty’, I figured why not listen to what Michael Jordan actually said, it’s on youtube.

    Now I’m more of the opinion the author of that commentary had an axe to grind.

    If one were to break down his speech into and intro, sps, body and conclusion, he accomplished exactly what he said. With all the publicity that surrounded his life, he asked, What don’t you know about Michael Jordan that you already wouldn’t know.

    In my opinion Jordan’s speech was a frank and candid look into who he is, what motivated him, for bad or for good to those who hear it. In one way it was a refreshing acceptance speech in that he didn’t sugarcoat himself into someone who he is not or what other people expect him to be and say.

    For bad or for good at least it was an articulate speech that didn’t wholely rely on saying smooth things.

  2. The article on “The Admiral” doesn’t really mention what a committed Christian he was throughout his career, and doubtless still is today.

    Committed enough to earn an S.I. cover once with the title “Saint David.” And pioneer “Faith Nights” in pro sports, by hosting youth rallies after some San Antonio home games.

    Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson. Jesus loves you more…. well, methinks you already know that. 🙂

  3. John

    I agree with Norbert mostly. I saw MJ’s speech and I didn’t think it was petty. Jordan talked about all the things that happened to him along the way bad and good and how he didn’t let things get him down, he took those things and used them as motivation to get better. In some instances he took lemons and made lemonade. If some people were uncomfortable with the stories and names he told maybe they have a bit of a guilty conscience.

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