Have we learned the wrong lessons from 9/11? [Rerun]

I know it is lame to post a rerun after having been gone from the blog for so long recently, but with the 9/11 anniversary approaching I find myself thinking the same thoughts.  So why rewrite the same post?

Here it is, originally written last year, September 12, 2008…
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It’s late, and I ought to be in bed.  But I was just watching some History channel stuff about the attacks of 9/11, and it is all just riveting.  As I was about to turn my laptop off, like the junkie I am I just had to check e-mail one more time and I noticed that my 9/11-related commentary is now appearing on the Living Church of God website.  (How did I know?  Because I subscribe to LCG e-mail alerts, and you can too.)

Here is the title and first paragraph:

Have we learned the wrong lessons from 9/11?

Another September 11 anniversary has come and gone. It is a day when our country cannot help but recall the horrific attack we suffered seven years ago. As we all surrounded our television screens watching smoke pouring out of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in attacks that eventually cost some 3,000 lives, we came to the realization that something had changed…

To read the rest, click here: “Have we learned the wrong lessons from 9/11?”.  It may offend some, but the truth always does.

What are you thinking?

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