Wow! The FBI’s giving me $8.3 Million?!? Wow!

Hey, everyone — look at this e-mail I just received:

Regarding our meeting with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and
and Financial crime commission (EFCC) have undergone
transformation in recent years,for developing the
intelligence capabilities
necessary to address Emerging Terrorist and
Internet Fruad.But due to all the
irregularities,We are also mindful
that our mission is not just to safeguard
American lives, but also to
safeguard American liberties,We hereby guranttee
you that your
outstanding claim of $8.3Million has been programmed into Atm

Reconfirm the following information to us for Security reason.
Name,.. address,,.. occupation.., copy of working address if any.

Joseph Persichini,Jr
Director in Charge.
Federal Bureau
Investigation (FBI)

No kidding!  I received this just half-an-hour ago!

Why, surely this is not a hoax or an attempt to rip me off, right?  I can’t wait to divulge all of my personal information to this stranger!  A stranger who, mind you, has clearly stated that he is safeguarding American lives and liberties and has demonstrated such fine typing, spelling, and grammar skills!

Of course, I will tithe and give a very generous offering to God’s Work.  Then, I think I will buy a solid gold calculator.

[OK… That feels better! Sometimes you just have to get something out of your system. 🙂  Really, if you believe anything like this when you see it, then I still have some gullibility detectors to sell you (like I mentioned Thursday).  Have a wonderful Sabbath!]

4 thoughts on “Wow! The FBI’s giving me $8.3 Million?!? Wow!

  1. Carolyn

    My husband just got a letter yesterday telling him this was his last chance to cash in on the $250,000.00 random lottery he won in Canada. They even sent him a check for $2,500.00 to help pay the taxes. Of course we can’t cash the check until we call talk to someone first. I guess they need to know all our personal information.

    I feel cheated, now, though. My husband win was no where near your $8.3 million, and I got rid of my old gas gussle years ago.

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