Another dream?

On our way to Branson for a meeting and some Feast of Tabernacles business. After that, we’re off to Texas!

For now, though, I thought I’d wrap up my earlier post by relating (believe it or not) yet another dream featuring the President.

In this one, he was meeting with leaders of the two parties to hear their ideas for a national energy policy. Oddly, the more liberal policy was presented by Ellen DeGeneres while the conservative policy was presented by Valerie Bertinelli. Thankfully, I was nowhere to be found. 🙂

I suppose dreams are like movies: the sequels rarely match the originals…

Clearly, I’ve got to stop listening to so much talk radio and better ignore the television programs showing in local waiting rooms. (At least it wasn’t Tyra Banks, in which I think I would have woken up screaming.)

What are you thinking?

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