Back from camp!

Not much time to write, but I wanted to say that I am back from the Missouri LYC pre-teen camp!

For those who came and served, you have my thanks. Of the three years that I have served as the director of the camp, I definitely believe that this was the best year that we have had, yet! And many of those who have been involved with the camp much longer than I have been said that it was the best year EVER. All the credit goes to our wonderful God who truly blessed the camp this year in so many wonderful ways. Of course, God often communicates those blessings through human instruments, and I must say that this year our staff was absolutely phenomenal. Thanks to all of you for letting God work in you to serve the children and families of His Church in such a beautiful and wonderful fashion. If these kids take home with them the examples they saw and the lessons they were given and make those things a part of their lives, they will be truly blessed, as will their families.

My thanks, as well, to those who volunteered funds and food for our camp. I am still reconciling the receipts, and yet it is already clear that this year’s camp has cost the Church less than ever — perhaps nothing at all! Can’t wait to find out later today.

And my thanks to all who prayed to God for our success! He truly did provide in abundance.

It will take a while to dig out from “camp stuff” and settle those lingering final matters that remain, so I may not be posting for a while. (Though when I do, this nifty iPhone 3G S I now hold in my hands may make it a little easier!)

One thought on “Back from camp!

  1. Craig

    Really good news about camp!

    And congratulations on your wise chose of fone. Now there is no excuse to not post on the run, in middle of the night from bed, etc. And they call the competition Crackberry! Hah!

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