Nice, quick video explanation of an EMP attack

Quick hit, today.  For those who have heard about America’s dangerous exposure to an EMP attack but who may not have fully understood what that means or how devastatingly dangerous the possibility really is, this short video excerpt from the Heritage Foundation, avaiable from the Wall Street Journal online might be informative — and very sobering.

WSJ Online, Film Excerpt: “33 Minutes”

Could such an attack be used to “break the pride of [our] power” (Lev. 26:19)?  Hmmm…

5 thoughts on “Nice, quick video explanation of an EMP attack

  1. Norbert

    I am much less a fan of specifics than of trends when it comes to the fall of nations.

    Look at the conditions which allowed a minimal amount of military force needed for the Spanish conquest of the Inca empire. It’s not as if a nation’s once seemingly great strength doesn’t take very long to implode with a little help.

    Then there’s the severe economic conditions within the relatively new idea for people of Germany in 1919 -> Democracy. The world believing that a democratically elected government of the Weimar Republic is the answer and solution to peace and prosperity. That lead masses of people applauding in hope for the thousand year vision of the Third Reich.

    And I believe it’s foolish to think that it is no longer totally impossible for events to progress where world leading governments are able to once again rationalize death sentences in mass for their own citizens.

    The recipes are historically there, the ingredients are presently already in place and they’re undeniably available to be mixed. But I don’t know when the stove gets turned on. However when it comes to prophecy…

    “The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure” (Da 2:45)

  2. tek

    The accuracy of what their claim about the EMP is very questionable. While nuclear weapons definitely send an EMP shockwave outwards, it wouldn’t generate enough power to actually blow up all the chips in electronics like the computer graphics suggest. Most electronics run at particular voltages and won’t be permanently damaged unless run at somewhat significantly higher voltages. Furthermore permanent damage usually doesn’t even occur unless a much higher voltage level is maintained for a rather significant amount of time.

    A much more realistic scenario is that some electronics would be disrupted for a short period of time, but the vast majority of electronics would be back up and running in a matter of hours. On top of which, any nuclear weapon fired that high up in the atmosphere that could actually generate sufficient EMP to shut down the entire country even temporarily would also rain a large amount of fallout over the entire globe, which would mean any perpetrator would be irradiating their own land pretty significantly.

    Finally, even if you were to build a missile defense shield, if these EMPs were truly as powerful as claimed they could simply detonate several of these in sequence, with each EMP shockwave progressively shutting off part of the missile defense shield itself by frying out the shield’s electronics. This is grasping at straws at best-if anybody really detonated a nuclear weapon that large over the united states the EMP is the least of our problems.

  3. It would be worth it to get rid of Twitter.

    Seriously: my mind absolutely boggles at what would happen if someone were malicious enough to shut down the whole US in this way.

  4. Howdy, all, and thanks. My apologies that comment moderation has caused such delays.

    Tek, I think that your comment differs from the conclusions of the 2008 Critical National Infrastructures Report, produced by the U.S. EMP Commission commissioned by Congress. The risk of serious damage to and destruction of our societal infrastructure are actually quite grave. The scenarios have been tested quite thoroughly, and the theories behind the idea (as well as real life experimentation) shows that the concern is warranted.

    You might want to check out the Wikipedia entry on “Electromagnetic pulse” — it really is very helpful and might help you to correct some of your misconceptions.

    Thanks, again, for writing.

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