“Scientific consensus” gets another black eye

“Watt’s Up With That?” is a great blog that I enjoy viewing on occasion.  It is an anti-global warming site, though one of the more intelligent that I’ve come across, and — regardless of what you think of the subject — Anthony Watts does a great job of pointing out some of the errors of “groupthink” in his field.

Yesterday saw a nice entry (“Another scientific consensus bites the dust”) in which he highlights the discovery that something taught for quite some time — about Earth’s magnetic field protecting our atmosphere in a way that Mars and Venus do not experience — is apparently completely wrong.  And, discovering this was apparently a simple matter of a few scientists getting together to compare notes.

I used to love science and loved thinking that scientists have everything figured out.  Now I still love science, but I enjoy it more when we discover that some old ideas need to be thrown out for new ones, so stories like this always get my attention.

For GW supporters and skeptics, alike, I consider Anthony Watt’s blog to be must reading for those serious about the subject.  I mention it here simply for your consideration.

3 thoughts on ““Scientific consensus” gets another black eye

  1. Ed Ewert

    “Watt’s Up With That?” is one of two web sites I read for this type of information (the other being “Greenie Watch” – http://antigreen.blogspot.com/ ).

    I am really bugged by the notion of “the science is settled” which is put out by some warmists to avoid having to deal with contrarian views.

  2. Of course it helps to go further into the article and follow the link that says there’s nothing to worry about. It also helps to follow some of the comments in the thread responding to “Watt’s Up With That?”

    It appears there is not even a consensus on the consensus. One possibility is most of the “lost” gas is actually being recycled back into the atmosphere.

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