Darth Vader versus the European Union?

Well, my past and present collide in this Bloomberg article passed on to me last week (but buried under many other e-mail items) by Mr. Don Davis: “Darth Vader Lures British Voters Seeking to Punish Lawmakers” (6/3/2009).

The article is actually more informative than the title may indicate to some.  It starts off by mentioning the political activities of David Prowse, the man who wore the Darth Vader suit for the first three Star Wars films (Episodes IV, V, and VI, for the understandably confused) and whose voice was dubbed over by the deep tones of James Earl Jones:

Darth Vader dreamed of ruling a galaxy far, far away. For Dave Prowse, the actor who played him, it would be enough to get Britain out of the European Union.

Prowse says later, “[Darth Vader would] want a dominant part in trying to keep Britain Britain.”

The article itself focuses on the growing dissatisfaction amomngst the British with their MPs as revelations of scandal and financial impropriety continue to rise.  One poll even reported that, among those surveyed, “46 percent of adults agreed with the statement that ‘most MPs are personally corrupt.'”

Those standing to gain the most are several minority parties, such as the UK Independence Party, and those who express a strong anti-EU sentiment.

I do believe that Bible prophecy indicates that the UK will find itself outside the European Union in some significant manner — either in actuality or in “spirit” — that will better enable the EU to turn on the British.

I just didn’t know that Darth Vader would have anything to do with it.

What are you thinking?

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