Blasphemous quote of the day

Took a break from all things pre-teen camp to check out the news and came across this startling quote from Jacques Boudon, owner of La Fontaine de Mars, a bistro in France.  (Check out entire article here: “France gets its Obama moment.”)

Mr. Boudon was clearly delighted that President Obama and his wife had chosen his restaurant for their private meal during their time in Europe.  Or, perhaps “delighted” isn’t a strong enough word.  What was it Mr. Boudon said, Mr. Associated Press?

“I saw God before me,” he said, “because I saw this smile that a million people have seen around the world. I saw her (Michelle) radiant. … It’s idiotic, but it’s like that.”

Hmmm.  I do not fault the President for the feelings and sentiment of others, as that would be unfair.  Mr. Boudon’s shameful blasphemy is his own burden to bear, and the end of this age will certainly be full of its fair share of Jacques Boudons (2 Tim. 3:1-2).  However, for his own sake I do hope that the President has read Acts 12:20-24 and knows to respond to such “praise” accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Blasphemous quote of the day

  1. Isn’t there a current country song along the same lines? It’s called “I Saw God Today.” (I admittedly don’t listen to C&W much.)

  2. If Mr. Boudon meant the statement like Mr. George Strait means it in his song, it would be different, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. (As much as I’d like to give Mr. Boudon the benefit of a doubt, I’ll keep this in mind.) I would suspect that the bistro owner was simply awed by the “brush with greatness” and simultaneously not awed enough by God to prevent him from crafting such a phrase.

  3. Norbert

    History repeats itself and by 21st century standards, Mr. Boudon seems again to give an example that it’s still possible to hold some modern variant on emporer worship.

    I wish I could come up with a reference, but an opinion given by an average person who when they first met Hitler. They were taken aback because he showed normal affection for Eva Braun. That person had always thought he was “above” such things.

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