Could the European Union membership end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Just a quick hit today: Dr. Scott Winnail passed on this excellent article yesterday from Britain’s Guardian website in which the writer presents one possibility for peacefully “solving” the Israeli-Palestinian issue that will raise a few eyebrows for those with an eye on Bible prophecy.

While I don’t see the scenario the writer presents as likely (and neither does he), it is an interesting look at the possibilities of supra-national intervention into that area, and we know that the EU will play a powerful role in the Middle East in the years just ahead, before the Tribulation and the return of Christ.  Consider a look at the Guardian article, yourself: “Can Europe be another way for Israel-Palestine?”

2 thoughts on “Could the European Union membership end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

  1. Norbert

    Even without any knowledge of prophecy the trends involving Europe scream an independent world power wanting to stand on its own two feet, desiring to be involved equally and on its own merit with world events.

    If anyone listened to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech to the American Congress, at around the 30 min mark he begins to say that.

    The whole speech is worth a listen if anyone can spare 40 minutes, he like President Obama is a very talented orator, presenting his ideas in a captivating way. It struck me as “Don’t worry America while we arm ourselves, we will always be friends!” Considering Abel was secure enough to allow his brother Cain to talk with him just before the violent ending to their relationship. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to conclude he thought they were friends too.

  2. Pat: I appreciate your contribution, but I don’t understand what it has to do with this post. Our church lives by the admonition you quote in Ezekiel 3:18-19, as well as its companion passage in Ezekiel 33. But I’d hate for this post to go into a completely unrelated direction, so I’ve kept your comment off. Nothing personal, I assure you. 🙂 I’m sure the topic you discuss will come up again in these posts, as it seems to do so not infrequently.

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