Called out the bloodhounds, yet?

My apologies!  I really am still alive!  I can’t believe that it has been so long since I posted last.

Preparing for the Festival registration opening became rather intense last week, but it looks as though all is going well (with a few little hiccups here and there).  Many thanks to the “Festival team” who have worked so hard — and who continue to do so — to make sure that things run smoothly for everyone.  Doesn’t all of this make the Feast seem that much closer! 🙂

With that done — or at least able to simmer for a little while on a back burner somewhere — I have tried to catch up on the Missouri pre-teen camp work.  Those of you who have applied and wondered if you’d ever hear anything, you should be hearing something soon!

And, most immediately, I have been able to begin focusing more intensely on my scripts and the trip to Charlotte we are making this week!  We will be leaving Thursday and will be trying to accomplish a variety of things during this trip, not the least of which will be to tape two or three programs on the new set.  As usual, your prayers for the scripts and the taping are WONDERFULLY appreciated — thank you! I don’t think that anyone involved with the Tomorrow’s World telecast has any doubt about the fact that the phenomenal success we are seeing with the program these days is completely due to but the intervention and blessing of our incredible Father, so — please — never forget that your prayers make a vital difference!

My wife will do most of the driving this trip so that I can work while we are on the road (or, in the car which will be on the road!).  I hope to have at least two if not three scripts finished before Sunday evening, since we will probably be taping Tuesday.  That would be a big improvement over the time that I was holding my laptop in my hands making final script changes while I was walking to the studio to begin taping!  (Now that was stressful…)

Since I will be occupied with telecast matters and such, my postings here (and my almost-regular Friday Night Greetings, for those in my congregations) might suffer a bit — not to mention the lack of Internet connection where we will be staying.  It might be a nice tension breaker to post here and there (or at least to Tweet), but it will likely be a rare event.

Just giving you a heads up!

Again, thanks SO MUCH to all of you who pray for the Tomorrow’s World telecast.  I have met so many of you, and it is a privilege to be a “fellow worker” in the gospel alongside you.

3 thoughts on “Called out the bloodhounds, yet?

  1. Norbert

    Since you mentioned writing scripts, I watched a TV show the other day, it presented an inspiring subplot about writing. Seems one personality’s life ambition was to reach the head chair of a universities mathematics department.

    Now the first man to sit in that chair started a tradition. The first day he sat down, he wrote a letter stating what he wished to accomplish by the end of his tenure, to which each successive man did also.

    The thing was, this new man couldn’t write one because he was given a gift. From an early age he was more exceptional and insightful than his predecessors. He understood that he could not predict with mathematical precision and certainity his exact life course to the end of his time there. When future generations look back on his statement, what would they think if it turned out different?

    It’s one thing being in the background like many people, it’s another being on the stage. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. Dear Mr. Smith and Norbert (whom I hope reads this),@WS: My silence on here in response to your always-scintillating posts has been deafening too! 🙂 I’ve just been too preoccupied.
    One topic of great importance to me of late has been the study of personality theory: temperament, interactive style and cognitive dynamics (essentially the same as the biblical “body, soul and spirit” in 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24, and I think in the same order). I’m actually taking a course in the subject here (compare the counselor’s personal site, the introductory page of which is here). These are sites run by one of those behind
    this site.
    @Norbert: And this leads into your interesting comment. Yes, the man had a gift, but not a "special gift" compared to his predecessors — just a different gift. (This is one of the great benefits of studying personality theory: it removes biases for or against particular kinds of intelligence.) No doubt it had to do with a particular temperament, interactive style and order of cognitive processes, leading to a particular personality type…one that knew that neither himself by nature nor the circumstances around him would lead to deterministic results. Maybe he was an
    ENFP like me: by nature far too aware of the infinite possibilities of the past, present and future, and thus apt to quip "the laws of chance don’t work normally around me". 🙂 Now if he were anINTJ or INFJ as mathematicians often are, then his view of the future would be far more deterministic (and far more certain to come to pass, in fact, especially if he were an INFJ, for INFJs have an often-uncanny and usually accurate sense of the future).

  3. Norbert

    Hi Rakkav,

    If only words were as accurate as simple addition. 🙂 Perhaps I should of chose a different word or explained the story better. But my intent was to add the contrast presented by the show. Between a child prodigy compared to those who at a later maturity excelled with a gift. From a gift that has seemlingly been given by fiat, to another that is developed at a later stage through hard work and study.

    Not that one is better than the other, both require work to maintain, but in the sense it’s like the difference between the left and right hand. I imagine some people might believe there’s a preference for the right, but if you’re a master violinist? Each have their unique perspective, however each have the same obsticle in front of them, both have to jump.

    Now here’s the thing. I don’t know the deep specifics of anybodies writing only that even by writing we share the same obsticle. It’s just like when I played highschool football, we all showed up for practice but come game time when the pressure is on. Some of us were benched and the best we could do was cheer the others on. As you have mentioned, in our own particular way, wether it’s an ENFP, INTJ or INFJ approach.

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