Branson Feast of Tabernacles website finally updated

Since most of you who read this blog are in the Living Church of God, I thought this a convenient way to get out some news.

The Branson Festival website is finally updated with housing information and some other items.  (The address is available on your Festival brochure and in the Feast information section of the MyLCG website.)  Since Feast of Tabernacles registration begins this Sunday, I know many of you have been chomping at the bit!  My apologies that it has taken so long.

All the links seem to work except for one, which I will address in the next few days, and there are a few little bugs, but it should be a help.

Again, my apologies for the delay, and have fun registering on May 3!

4 thoughts on “Branson Feast of Tabernacles website finally updated

  1. Howdy, texasborn, and yes it is. I hope to get it fixed soon, but thought that the other information provided was robust enough to stand on its own until then. (Actually, I might have provided more links than are necessary, anyway.)

  2. As I studied through Romans 8 the other day, I suddenly realized something at verses 29-30.

    LCG and other COG’s not only believe in predestination — they practice it!

    After all, you have to declare your Feast of Tabernacles destination five months in advance!

  3. Ha! That’s a good one, Richard. Of course, we don’t believe in “predestination” as the word is sometimes taken. And I’ve seen a few FOT plans here and there go awry to be sure…

    Thanks for the much needed giggle, Richard!

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