Allí estaba, detrás de mí…

I received a copy some time back of the Spanish language edition of Tomorrow’s WorldEl Mundo de Mañana — that was kindly sent to me by MLS (thank you!) because it has a small article in it that I had written.

I wish my Spanish were better (that is: much, much better) so that I could read the translation for myself.  But for those of you who can, here’s the first paragraph:

Estando aún oscuro en la madrugada, trataba de despabilarme mientras guardaba mis cosas personales en un casillero del gimnasio local. Había pocas personas allí tan temprano y tenía pensado pasar un agradable rato de meditación solitaria. Me equivocaba.

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I’ve been asked if the pleasantly deforested head in the photograph is mine.  No (as I have reported before), it was my stunt double, Marty McCopyrightFreeArt.

My thanks to those who toil and translate our words into other languages for the Work (¡El Trabajo… La Misión!).  It is a wonderful service, and a real help in fulfilling the prophecy of Matthew 24:14!  ¡Muchas gracias!

5 thoughts on “Allí estaba, detrás de mí…

  1. Norbert

    As you mentioned, “I’ve been asked if the pleasantly deforested head in the photograph is mine. No (as I have reported before), it was my stunt double, Marty McCopyrightFreeArt.”

    Either way you’re in good company. My first day at work and being in the middle of winter, my co-workers were rather interested that I remove my cap.

    Seeing all but one had some degree of deforestation, they wanted to know if I belonged to the club!

    Now that I’m older and don’t take much stock in opinions of deforestation (I rather enjoy that word now 🙂 ) It’s not that all disagreeable. In the middle of summer with the gruelling heat waves, the idea of clearcutting doesn’t sound so unenviromentally friendly anymore.

  2. You know, Norbert, I don’t think I have ever before enjoyed so much a comment that seemed so thoroughly environmentally unfriendly while simultaneously having nothing at all to do with the environment. 🙂

  3. It seems to me Churches of God in general are missing out on an evangelistic opportunity, by not doing a Spanish-language work inside the U.S.

    I know of a couple of Sabbath-keeping groups that do it, and everyone (from the surface, at least) seems to get alone.

  4. Howdy, Richard —

    I’m not sure, though I’m sure other groups could speak for themselves better than I could pretend to. (The lack of groups participating in a real English-language work is a ponderous ponderable as it is.) As for us, I’m not sure if our Spanish-language media efforts are used in the U.S. or not. Part of the reason may simply be a matter of spending resources in the wisest way possible, since I know there are many opportunities we’d love to take advantage of — and do take advantage of whenever we can and whenever Christ opens doors to them.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you had a good Sabbath!

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