Just saw first program on the new Tomorrow’s World set!

Didn’t mention earlier this week in my post about the ferrets that I had the chance to watch a DVD of the first telecast on the new Tomorrow’s World set!

It looked fantastic.  Mr. Meredith did a wonderful job (go figure!) and the set really looked great!  Very sleek and professional.  I do believe that Mr. Meredith’s program was the very first one taped on the set — though I could be mistaken — and if I heard correctly from Mr. Baca, the crew’s work has only improved in subsequent tapings as they have learned how to take better and better advantage of their new and more advanced set up and controls.  I’ve heard from Mr. King, as well, who taped a few weeks ago, and he loved it.  Also, Mr. Ames mentioned to me yesterday that he feels very comfortable on the new set and that he believes I will, also.  The stills I’ve seen from their shoots, as well, look simply gorgeous.

As for myself, I am chomping at the bit to have my turn!  God willing, that will happen during the first part of May, as I am scheduled to tape three telecasts just about three weeks from now.  Very excited! 😀

I will try and remember to say some extra words of thanks to God for the new set — so many things came together to make that happen, and His hand was so clearly present.  May He continue to bless our efforts — now, let’s all get to work!

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