Ferret smell, be gone!

I think we have mentioned to some of you out there (offline, that is!) that the one issue we were coming up against with the ferrets was the smell.

Boba and Jango were descented when we bought them, but descented and scentless are two different creatures, I’m afraid!  (Note that, ye potential ferret owners out there…)  We have since read literature that indicates this is not uncommonly the case.

We added various elements to the mix to help: special litter material, an additive for their water, et al., but nothing really did the trick.  And it was a bit more alarming for the fact that Ferretopolis (their cage) is being kept in our downstairs living room which is our guest room, and no one would feel like a guest in that room — at least not on days when the smell was peaking, since it did seem to vary from day to day a bit.  (Perhaps we could create something like the terrorist threat-level alert scheme, used by Homeland Security: “Oooo, you don’t want to do down there, today — the olfactory threat-level was just raised to ‘burnt orange’…”)

However, we have recently done something that seems to be making a huge difference, though our odoriferous little friends were not really behind the reason for the purchase.  Because of moisture problems we’ve had downstairs, we bought a (relatively) small dehumidifier for the lower living room, and it is working marvelously.  However, not only is it taking care of the moisture problems, but the ferret smell has disappeared, as well.  Marvelous!

Now, will this work for everyone with ferrets?  Will it continue working and producing this pleasant side-effect?  I have no idea.  But until something changes, I’m enjoying breathing through my nose down here again.

4 thoughts on “Ferret smell, be gone!

  1. Howdy, B —

    Great question! I am happy to say that I have no idea. 🙂 Part of the deal with getting them was that Dad didn’t want to have to mess with them too much, so I am blissfully ignorant. Also, with the “in and out” lifestyle I have to live, I may not have noticed each bathing. However, I know they have been washed at least a few times since we got them, but the bathing didn’t seem to do much for the odor.

    And I should add here that the odor has not totally gone away with the dehumidifier, so “disappeared” may have been an accidental exaggeration. However, it really has made a big difference, and I’m quite pleased.

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