The Third Law and the Days of Unleavened Bread

Not that I’m trying to become “Captain Referral” these days — sending you to the thoughts of others instead of writing my own — but I can’t help it sometimes, especially when the others’ thoughts are so much better and more helpful than mine.

This time, during these wonderful Days of Unleavened Bread when we are all meditating on ridding our lives of sin and pursuing righteousness and holiness, I refer you to Mr. Rod King’s excellent sermon “The Third Law”.  It is available on the Living Church of God website in the “Sermons” section (currently on the second page of that section), and I, personally, found it to be very profitable, not to mention moving and inspirational.

Though it was given some time ago, I highly recommend that you check it out in addition to the more recent and equally excellent sermons available there on the website.

[And, for those of you reading this who are viewers of the Tomorrow’s World television program but who, perhaps, were not aware that there is a church behind that program, the Living Church of God website is an excellent place to check up on us and learn even more!  We’ve nothing to hide (quite the contrary, we have much to say!), and you can find it all there.  The sermons that you will find there are, indeed, actual sermons given at our headquarters congregation in Charlotte, North Carolina.]

One thought on “The Third Law and the Days of Unleavened Bread

  1. Deano

    Yes indeed! “The Third Law”, is a most excellent sermon. Gives depth and understanding to the concept of Christ living in us.

    And as you mentioned, Mr. Smith, the newer ones are also excellent. It has been an interesting and uplifting DUB in Dallas this year. Hope you all are also having a great Feast.

    Warm Regards, Deano

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