Passover Thoughts

I had wanted to post a little something today — just some things that have been on my mind as Passover approaches.  But then I read Mr. Lehman Lyons’ moving commentary currently up at the Living Church of God website and thought I should defer to it.  Mr. Lyons’ thoughts are beautifully expressed, and I highly recommend reading it today and during this season.  The first paragraph is below, plus a link to the rest.

And may all of us have a profitable Passover, as we reflect on the enormity of what our Father and His Son have done for us and on how we must respond to that love with our own.

Jackie Is Dead
By Lehman B. Lyons, Jr. | Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The doctor’s words hung lifeless in the air. Each of us gathered in the waiting room tried desperately to translate what our ears were hearing into coherent thoughts. All eyes stared about the room at faces that did not register the weight of this proclamation. Jackie was dead…

to read the rest, click here.

3 thoughts on “Passover Thoughts

  1. Gerald Demery

    Thank you posting this, sad on the one hand, but joyful on the other, article from Mr. Lyons. Even though the Passover this evening will be somber we can all take heart that someday the sacrifice of Christ will enable most of the earths population to come to a relationship with the Great God of creation and enjoy life everlasting in His Family. John 3:16

  2. Norbert

    Thank you very much,

    Thanks for the reminder towards the sobering moments in life. But isn’t it just a pause and then forgotten, right? Living for the majority is made up of the times before those heart shattering moments, we live like we’re going to avoid that cold wet slap in the face. Today, it’s just another day to day and that story gets filed along with all the other daily tragic news, isn’ it?

    It’s like a yesterday, you posted the comment involving Jimi Hendrix and his tragic end. It’s not everday a person brings that up as a continual reference point to note and contemplate life’s end. But if there is one of many possible connections to make between these two posts, it may be found in another word-picture painted by another similiar musician.

    Robert Plant with the song, “Please Read the Letter” with Alison Krauss as his other half. It’s about the day to day uncertainties between a husband and his wife and the daily unanswered questions about its end.

    “Please read the letter, I nailed it to your door”

  3. Howdy, Norbert —

    I see what you’re saying, and it’s a good point. Although, I think the “and then forgotten” is up to the individual and isn’t a given. Moments of intensity, if handled and considered properly, definitely do have the ability to impact our day-to-day lives; just as how we live our day-to-day lives has the ability to effect us in those moments of intensity.

    Thanks for your comment.

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