An Englishman notices TARP repayments being REFUSED

I read this just this morning and thought I had surely misunderstood it.  Are there really banks trying to repay their TARP bailout money (yay!) but the government is refusing to take the payment (huh?)?

I’ve appreciated the views of Stuart Varney from time to time.  As an Englishman, he brings a certain perspective to his observations of our governmental shenanigans that is refreshing to hear on occasion.  Whether he’s right or wrong, I think his take on the government’s apparent refusal to take the money of some banks begging to pay back the money given them — with interest! — is worth pondering and can be read here: “Obama Wants to Control the Banks”.

(My thanks to BL for passing this on to me.)

Mr. Varney clearly has an opinion.  Perhaps there is a better, more noble and justifiable reason why the President is refusing to allow banks to repay the money — I don’t know.

However, I know that indebtedness has a prophetic role to play in our national future (e.g., Deut. 28:44-48), and the way our nation is currently flirting with hyperindebtedness should have the attention of us all.

What are you thinking?

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