Wonderful side effect of Unleavened Bread preparations

Lovely wife feels understandably compelled to cook more leavened goodies in the days leading up to Unleavened Bread, using up some of our yeast before any remaining amounts get the boot.  The result? Gobs of my wife’s incredible bread.  Right-out-of-the-oven, butter-melting, soup-soaking, fresh-ground-flour goodness.

One of the things I love about God’s holy days is the fact that the actions we take (e.g., deleavening) have meaning and lessons to teach.  So, perhaps the goodness of my wife’s bread is a lesson for me about the dangerously true description found in Hebrews 11:25 — the “passing pleasures of sin”? 🙂

Have a wonderful and profitable Sabbath!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful side effect of Unleavened Bread preparations

  1. gary

    I too must suffer with the burden of consuming increased amounts of wonderful foods just before the days of unleavened bread. I understand the burden that we must bear so that our wives are assured that every effort is being made to not waste valuable foods. Oh, sorry, must go, cherry pie filling dripping down my chin.

  2. One side effect for me which has nothing to do with bread is how much clutter I move out of the house.

    Lots of white papers get recycled. Plenty of unused items go to the rescue mission. And this year’s aluminum can payoff totaled three dollars. (Almost a free trip to the laundromat!)

    And doesn’t God want us to un-clutter our lives, after all? To focus on what really matters?

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