Did Christ create the office of “Pope”?

Life has been crazy busy these days (as have my sinuses, which is another story), and I have no time to post much out here, as you regular visitors have noticed.

And today won’t be much of an exception!  I just felt prompted to add this reference post.  Yesterday the UK’s Telegraph had an article about Vatican “insiders” being very critical of the current pope (thanks, DC, for the e-mail), which you can read here: “Vatican insiders declare the Pope a ‘disaster'”


To me, this seemed like a good time to ask the question, “Did Christ really create the office of ‘Pope’ in the church to begin with?” For those interested, Dr. Douglas Winnail has an article addressing that very question in the current issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine: “Papal Primacy?” You can click the link (or the picture above) to go to an HTML version of the article or you can click here for a PDF version of the entire magazine which includes the article: TW March/April 2009.

3 thoughts on “Did Christ create the office of “Pope”?

  1. Norbert

    I believe most people put their understanding of Papal Primacy in a file, located far back alongside the cob webs held within the recesses of their mind.

    By the sounds of it, the writer of UK’s Telegraph may not be too concerned how important or relevant the idea of “Papal Primacy” is, whether it is a sound Christian doctrine or not. The connect the dots isn’t making enough headlines in his head, to have included the issue within his article. It’s quite possible like many semi well informed people today, he has some vague or somewhat knowledgeable understanding about the subject. It just doesn’t seem relative or of enough importance to mention and make a difference.

    As Douglas S. Winnail asks in his article, “Just how do these sobering acts of history relate to us today?”

    Not much it seems like.

    There is well known and wide spread reason to doubt, the Protestants made sure of that! Basically it looks like people won’t see it as significant enough in their daily life and will tolerate its’cognitive dissonance and accept the RCC as fellow followers of Christ. As long as the tree can provide some visible fruit, why bother with the root right?

    Perhaps it’s a good idea to actually look at the root?


    It’s really a document about church government and when the time comes that an office is granted authority over any whom might want to use Christ’s name. The primacy of that office won’t be something that can be ignored, wether a person acknowledges the relevance or not.

  2. Truly the title of “Pope” is nowhere in the Bible.

    But I’d ask a question along this line. Why do the Churches of God not have “Bishops,” since the N.T. uses that title on seven occasions?

  3. Howdy, Richard —

    We actually do have “bishops” — the Bible also calls them “elders.” The KJV tends to use “bishop” (and “overseer”, as well) when translating the Greek-culture term for the position and “elder” when translating the Hebrew-culture term. However, Acts 20:17 & 28 equate the two as the very same office.

    I hope this helps! 🙂

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