First Fuzzy Ferret Photo

Hmmm… I promised ferret pictures earlier, didn’t I? (Re: “The vermin are here” – 3/2/2009)  Well, here’s one:

The ferret is the one on the left...
The ferret is the one on the left...

Would you believe that the ferret isn’t actually closer to the camera and that his head is just that much larger than Boy #3’s?  I didn’t think so.  Would you believe that this is actually the best picture of the ferrets that we have so far?  Sadly so.  As willing as they are to attack finger tips and to share their aromatic essence with their environment, they have been rather camera shy.  Still, I hope to have more (and better) pictures in the future, both of Jango (pictured above) and Boba (not pictured).  I bet you can’t wait, huh?

Mr. Burson spoke once about having a ferret with him on his shoulders up on stage during a sermonette at the Feast of Tabernacles.  (Anybody out there remember that one?)  Given the energetic curiosity of these little guys — at least at this age (16 weeks, maybe?) — it’s hard to imagine them peacefully cooperating!

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

5 thoughts on “First Fuzzy Ferret Photo

  1. I had an albino ferret when I was a kid and loved it. They are great little pets but smell pretty bad. I thought about getting one again but my wife won’t have it because of their odiferous nature. I had a female which tends not to smell as bad but still after descenting her, she was still pretty smelly. I first saw ferrets watching ‘The Beast Master’ with Marc Singer when I was a kid and had to have one. Anyone remember that movie?

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  3. I was there for that sermonette! Niagara Falls, 99ish. Very memorable, although I have no idea what the sermonette was about. 🙂

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