The vermin are here

As I tweeted a few moments ago, we have arrived safely at home with our new vermin.

Two ferrets join the Smith household, newly dubbed Jango and Boba (male, neutered, and — thank you — descented).  In fact, as I type Ferretopolis is being constructed downstairs as a wonderful new home for the critters.  Early in our marriage, my Beautiful Wife and I were interested in getting some ferrets but never did.  I suspect I was the footdragger in that.  I’m not sure what pushed us over the edge this time, but over the edge we did indeed go.

I will try and take some pictures and post them later (I’m sure you’re thrilled!).  The kids, needless to say, are deliriously happy.  The cat — not so much so.

Once al the dust has settled this evening, I am planning a little Bible study for the kiddos to go along with their new “charge” to talk about being a steward, what we can learn about God when we have a life to care for, etc. (with verses such as Deueronomy 22:6-7, et al.).

Like it or not, I’m sure I will post more news and some photos in the near future.  Unless they eat me first.  (The ferrets, not the kids.)

3 thoughts on “The vermin are here

  1. Ben Maddox

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures. My wife, Ally, and I still miss having our 100 chickens to care for. Each year about this time we used to order about twenty-five through the mail and raise them. We also miss the range-fed chicken eggs.


  2. Ferrets are cute…and playful. One owner of ferrets (writing in READER’S DIGEST) noted that his female ferret’s attack on his fingers made him think he was being mugged by a feather duster.

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