Pics from new Tomorrow’s World set up on — and more!

The “Church News” link on the Living Church of God website,, has some pictures taken from the new Tomorrow’s World set during the first tapings by Mr. Meredith and Mr. Ames.  Check it out! — just go to and click on the “Church News” link in the navigation bar to the left.  In the February 26, 2009 news item you can read about it and find a gallery of thumbnails.  Clicking on a thumb nail will expand the picture to full size.  Mr. King should be in to do some tapings on the new set very soon, and I must admit that I am chomping at the bit, myself!

Actually, let me use this as an opportunity to encourage you to visit the “Church News” link regularly.  It is updated more and more frequently and sometimes includes some nice photographs.  In particular,  I liked the recent entry (February 23) about the Internet-based conference for the Spanish work: more than 30 individuals in eleven different countries, meeting over the Internet for ministerial training and advancing God’s work — neat stuff!  I’d post some of the pictures here, but I’d rather that you checked them out there!  🙂  Again, just head out to and click on the “Church News” link on the left.  The entry about the Spanish work, Internet-based conference with a gallery of images is the February 23 news item.  Again, if you click on each small thumbnail it will expand to a full size picture.

My hats off to those in Charlotte who keep moving us forward and help us utilize the resources God provides us to press forward in the Work!

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