Two good things about the recession

For those of you out there worried about your job — or out of one — this may seem an oddly titled post.  But two things came to mind this morning that I would call “good things” related to the recession.

For one, more people are looking to God for answers.  Some articles over the last couple of months in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times have pointed out how workers in the financial services industry are beginning to “fill the pews” as they look for something more solid and dependable than their stock portfolios.  I am reminded of God’s warning to Israel in Deuteronomy6:10-12, and how it is easier when we “have eaten and are full” to forget God.  Hard times cause people to think about things they are more likely to forget in happier times.

Is this related to the dramatic upswing we have seen in Tomorrow’s World responses recently?  The last several shows have shattered previous records in audience response, and a recent Public Lecture in Texas had an astounding turnout — is the global downturn helping us to get people’s attention?

Another thing about the recession that seems to me like a “good thing” (or at least a “not so bad thing”) is that it brings out the creativity of many people.  Some lose their job and, rather than sit on their haunches, get busy on new ideas.  Yahoo! News had an article yesterday — “From Wall Street to Main Street” — featuring a few examples where people who have taken their firing (or “downsizing” or whatever) as an opportunity to do something different and creative, satisfying new needs or old needs in new ways.  Not all such efforts succeed, to be sure, but I really admire those who don’t simply sit and wait for opportunity to come knocking.  For decades we have taught that there are seven laws of success that involve having…

  1. The right goal
  2. Education or preparation
  3. Good health
  4. Drive
  5. Resourcefulness
  6. Perseverance
  7. The guidance and help of God

(And, of course, the seventh law impacts the implementation of the other six.)

Times like these are such that those who know these laws and put them into practice will have a much better chance of succeeding than those who don’t.  And not only will such individuals do better for themselves, they will also be better able to contribute the the good of the society around them.

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