Sunday Laws vs. the Recession?

Saw on Yahoo! News today that some states are considering giving up some of their lingering Blue Laws — that is, laws that prohibit the sale of some items on Sunday — due to the current economic distress.  Read all about it here: “Will Recession Doom the Last Sunday Blue Laws?”

It really is an interesting question.  The same circumstance — the global economic downturn — is motivating others in the realm of religion to press even harder for an increase in such forced-rest Sunday laws.  As I mentioned in my unnecessarily wordy post “2008 in Prophetic Review” the European Episcopal Commission, or COMECE, is pressing for Sunday-protection laws, both as a human rights issue in an age in which temptation to take advantage of workers will grow due to economic pressures, and as a “European values” issue in an age when the culture of Europe is under threat from a variety of external forces.  (More can be read in the articles “Church representatives meet the French EU-presidency” and “The financial crisis is a test for the values of European society”.)  Recently, President Sarkozy ran into such culture issues in his attempt to get France working more — discussed briefly in a cutely titled Time article: “Sunday Shopping? France Says Non.”

Regardless of how the economic tensions of the day pull things for a time, ultimately there will be forced Sunday rest for Western civilization in the much-discussed but little-understood mark of the Beast described in Revelation.  For anyone interested in this or related topics, I recommend some of our free booklets available on our website (click on the “Tomorrow’s World” or “Booklets” links):

Me?  I keep the Biblical, seventh-day Sabbath.  We have a booklet on that, too:

(Regardless of what you think on the matter, it won’t be long before you’ll have to take a side in the Sunday/Sabbath debate.  I suggest that you consider what side God is on and pick that one.)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Laws vs. the Recession?

  1. I’ve read that the real motivation for repealing Prohibition was the tax revenue from alcohol, not the failure of Prohibition. Since government has an insatiable appetite for money…

    Seeing an image on CNN of someone holding up a “Stop foreclosures” sign, I though, job placement with foreclosure proceedings would be subtle slavery.

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