Space collision could prove significant

I’ve been keeping track of the news concerning the recent collision between that derelict Russian satelite and the American Iridium satelite.  The news I read today seems to indicate that the conditions resulting from the collision could be more significant that I thought from earlier reports, especially given how busy the traffic is in that orbit band.  Check it out yourself, here: “Space crash called ‘catastrophic,’ lots of debris.”

(And, frankly, I think most of the debris has landed directly in my living room.  Oh, wait — that’s Lego.  A LOT of Lego.  So, did my kids cause that collision?  So much to think about…)

P.S.  For those headed to Joplin for the Family Weekend, we’ll see you there!

3 thoughts on “Space collision could prove significant

  1. Wade Brown

    This may be of interest to you personally as well as for your readers, but debris from these satelites were falling all around your in-laws homes here in central Texas this morning. I didn’t hear the “booms’ described in the story below (see link), but apparently many others did. Watching this on the local news tonight made me immediately recall what took place when the Columbia broke up over Texas several years ago. It’s a little disturbing to know that space junk could fall on your house at any time, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it except pray your guardian angel didn’t decide to be somewhere else at that moment. Technology. Gotta love it!

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