The Facebook Thing

I really do plan a more substantial post in the near future.  However, I just realized that this might be a good place to make a public pronouncement:

I am really no good at the Facebook thing.

My wife is doing a great job — she goes out there, interacts, posts pictures, etc.  I just — well — don’t.

Part of the issue seems to be that I spend so much time on the computer doing work-related activity that when free-time arrives, continuing to sit at the computer just seems like the most unappealing thing in the world.  That wasn’t always a problem for me, but since obtaining a laptop notebook I am on so much more than I used to be, and now I cherish time away from a QWERTY keyboard of any sort.  (And, no, going Dvorak is not the solution…)

So for all of you out there who are wondering why you don’t hear from me much in the Facebook universe — my apologies!  I hope you do not take it personally.  I actually like the ease with which “keeping up” can be done there, and I do look forward to taking advantage of Facebook more thoroughly one day.  But when the day is done and I can escape the computer, I just have a hard time sitting down and staring at the monitor any longer.  I need something more exciting and stimulating by then.  You know — like sitting down and staring at the TV. 🙂

Whew!  That assuages a little bit of my Facebook guilt.  Any other confessions out there?

6 thoughts on “The Facebook Thing

  1. It’s useful for sharing things, but I’m just not that active, either. I find Facebook to be a glorified mailing list. That’d really show if it emailed more notices [with the content].

  2. rakkav

    Facebook is fun, but it has its hidden pitfalls. I don’t QUITE agree with Lyndell that it’s a glorified mailing list. It’s worse. It’s a glorified knitting circle. (No offense, ladies, I’m being deliberately stereotypical here.)

    I do post regularly to Facebook, but I just as regularly turn down invitations to participate in the countless “plug-in” games and what-have-you. I just don’t have time to do those things, and I have no reason to build my list of Facebook Friends into the hundreds as some of my friends (with more justification in their cases) do. Some people are more extraverted and thus get energized, not exhausted, by contact with people — even via the Web. I’m the reverse. (This is not at all the same as being “social” versus “anti-social”, by the way, even if the two sets of categories are often confused.)

    I agree with your own self-assessment. If you’re going to “waste time” posting off-work on the Net, PLEASE do it here. I’ll grovel if I have to. I don’t mind groveling for a worthy cause once in a while. 🙂

  3. Deano

    Hey I’m lame at it too – BUT I have found that it is a great way to spread z gospel just a little bit more.

  4. BanjoBen

    I too have spent a lot of time at the computer lately for work. Thankfully though mine doesn’t feel like work. I’ve been writing code to generate grid diagrams of knots up to a specified size, run tests on them, compute the jones polynomial and spit out the results to file so I can play with them afterward. 🙂 I tell ya THAT is fun.

  5. Ooooo! 🙂 I used to calculate bracket polynomials for some simple knots with some of my calculus students, hoping they would be intrigued how mathematics might be used in ways they had never seen before. Don’t know if it went anywhere in those poor, hormone-addled brains, but it was worth a shot!

    Never written code for something like that, though. Sounds cool. Writing code never felt as burdensome to me as other computer-related tasks, like e-mailing. Doing code work during my actuary days always felt like I was getting to play and getting paid to do so!

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