No escape… WAIT! Coffee-mate!

I am currently working in an automotive repair center’s waiting room while a lugnut on my van is being fixed.

The good news?  They have WiFi!  Wow!

The bad news?  “Tyra” is on TV, and I can’t change the channel or turn it off.

The potential solution?  There is some powdered coffee creamer on the table to my right — I may be able to pack it into my ear canals and muffle the noise.

2 thoughts on “No escape… WAIT! Coffee-mate!

  1. Patricia Cordery

    I know the feeling. Here in Australia just about everywhere you go from Doctor’s surgery to Transport Department to Hospitals to whatever, there is a TV running with everything on it that you don’t want to see. Just twaddle.

    Very few people are ever watching, so the money wasted in electricity which could be used more usefully, must be exorbitant.

    Gone are the days when people could just sit and relax with their thoughts with no outside interference.

    In saying that, at least at the Hospital and Doctors surgery there is a Bible on the Book Table, if you can concentrate above the noise of the TV.

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