Whoever it is…

I’m not necessarily “anti-football,” and I hope this doesn’t come across that way.  But I must admit: It’s 10:00PM and I just realized I have no idea who won the Super Bowl (assuming it’s over; is it over?).

But whoever the winner is, I do know this.  It’s not the Texas Rangers.  (Yeah…  I’m sort of a sports genius.)

Have a good week everyone!

5 thoughts on “Whoever it is…

  1. I totally forgot about it work last night. A customer mentioned it on the phone and a co-worker on the next shift looked it up. Steelers won. The opponent wasn’t the Packers, right? That’s the CEO’s team.

    The Superbowl was a nice reprieve from the Presidential campaign and activity. Normally, I’m just interested in the half-time show or the commercials. Although, since the halftime show isn’t just cheerleaders or marching bands, I’m only interested in the commercials.

  2. Actually, the coverage today makes it out to have been a wonderful game! I almost wish I had watched it (the kids enjoy championships, whether they have had any interest the rest of the season or not).

    My sympathies to the Kurt Warner fans we have here in the area (as well as to Mr. Warner, himself — I’m sure that he checks this blog out frequently).

  3. Yeah, it was a good game.

    I’m not a big fan of the steroids, the injuries, the money, and the inflated egos of professional football. But if you’re just playing sandlot stuff, then football is a fun game.

    There’s no way a bunch of old guys can stop a 12 year old boy who catches a two yard pass from his Mom! Now, that’s real football.

  4. I’m with you. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl in several years. In fact, over my years in Church of God groups I’ve found it’s a perfect night to begin a day of prayer and fasting to start Passover preparation.

    This year, it was a great night to turn off the TV and start working on my tax returns.

    If everybody’s doing it, the Christian should avoid it — right?

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