Shoveling Water

Quick note: While the sentiments I expressed in my old entry “A Lesson from a Ruined Postcard” (and the Tomorrow’s World article that was eventually born from it), I have been asking myself some very deep questions recently…  Is it really necessary for water to come in a form that must be shoveled out of my driveway?  And wouldn’t a flame-thrower make it easier to clear all this up?

Seriously, if you’re one of the million-or-so people out of electricity these days, our thoughts are with you.  Compared to that, all the shoveling we did yesterday seems a minor inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Shoveling Water

  1. rakkav

    If water couldn’t come in a form that you have to shovel off your driveway, it would sink, the oceans would become huge resevoirs of ice with only a little meltwater on top, and Earth would be uninhabitable by creatures like us.

    Or something like that. Pardon my bad memory of what’s been claimed on the subject of water’s wonderful ability to expand rather than contract when it becomes solid.

    Humidity. The fact you don’t have to shovel it is the only thing I can say in favor of it. I HATE humidity, I simply cannot adjust to humidity, and it doesn’t matter how long I live in a place that has it or how warm or cold that place is. Humidity. Ick. 😦

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