American Thinker: “Roe Is Only the Beginning”

I’ve no time to post much, but I couldn’t help but pass on an article passed on to me by LD on abortion and the mentality of its supporters.  (OK, one additional comment: Planned Parenthood’s slogan “Every child a wanted child” is simply vomitous on so many levels.  Makes about as much sense as “Every senior citizen a wanted senior citizen” — and sadly the argumentation supporting abortion could be extended that far if its proponents were honest.)

Here it is:

American Thinker: “Roe Is Only the Beginning”

Christ must simply ache to come back and take care of business…

4 thoughts on “American Thinker: “Roe Is Only the Beginning”

  1. Thatsteveguy

    Abortion truly is a vile practice and your subject caused me to recall a speech given by Alan Keyes on February 24, 1997 where he touched on abortion. Here is the portion that stuck with me;

    “In the abortion issue, we are asked to accept the view that that life in the womb can be arbitrarily disposed of according to the mother’s will. Which means, of course, that insofar as that is a human life, the decision as to its humanity rests with its mother, and the decision as to its rights rest with its mother. So, we would have to rewrite the Declaration, “All men are not created equal.” No, some people are equal and some people–especially those still in the womb–are not equal and have no rights that anyone need respect, and they are not endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, no. They are endowed by the whim of their mother with such rights as she feels like giving them today. And if she doesn’t feel like it, then even the most fundamental right–which is the right to life, itself–can be denied, and there you have your choice. You see? Either you can subscribe to the American creed which says that God endowed us with our rights, or you can subscribe to the abortion creed which says that those rights are the consequences of our mother’s will. God, or human will. You can’t have it both ways. And if, in fact, you accept the arguments that lie at the root again of the abortion argument, “This is my body, and this child is not the equal, somehow, of its interest,” and so forth, “of the women full-grown within the world.” That notion that because the child is wholly within the mother’s body, and wholly and absolutely subject to her power, it is without rights, does not only turn the clock back on present understanding, it reverses the very principle on which our nation was founded–which principle was put in place to refute the old contention that might makes right.
    See, that notion that the child in the mother’s womb is her property and she can do what she wants with it is “might makes right”: “You are in my power. If I have absolute power over you, then I have the absolute right to dispose of you.” It was the argument that was used by every conqueror, by every aggressor, by every tyrant, by every despot who could amass enough force to cow any people with fear to tell them that “since I have the power, you have no rights.””

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  3. rakkav

    Someone on WordPress (I think his blog’s name is “Unreasonable Faith”) claims to have a question that stops every anti-abortionist in his tracks: something to the effect of “If abortion is murder, what penalty should a mother who has an abortion pay?”

    I felt like writing a reply saying that he needed to face a better class of anti-abortionist. And I may yet. The simple answer is that abortion brings the death penalty — just as does every other transgression of the Ten Commandments. Abortion is not an option we can afford to take in dealing with pregnancy, not in any circumstance whatever. How much clearer our thinking would become as a society if we realized this.

    The really sticky ethical wickets come when other factors are involved, such as birth defects or STDs imposed on the child. But these problems simply demonstrate that justice (the Ten Commandments) is not enough. Mercy and faith, including the gift of Divine healing that goes with them, are required too.

    This world and those that dwell therein simply were not created to work properly apart from God’s government ruling over it (Psalms 24). Nowhere does one find better proof of this than via this subject.

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