“Dear Abby” strikes out

No time to really blog today, so it is convenient that a commentary I submitted is currently up on the Living Church of God website: “‘Dear Abby’ strikes out” (you can read it here).  Here is the first paragraph:

While the syndicated “Dear Abby” advice column in many newspapers across the U.S. has been celebrated for decades for its wit and “common sense,” in the column I read the other day it was clear that “Abby” had struck out. The individual writing to “Abby” was a 16-year-old, struggling with seemingly overwhelming homosexual feelings.  Struggling to deal with those feelings and failing to change them, the teen asks “Abby” for advice on how to “come out” and make his or her homosexuality public, expressing concern about how family and friends will react. “Abby’s” advice?  Abysmal.  Let’s take a look.

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2 thoughts on ““Dear Abby” strikes out

  1. Carolyn

    For years “Dear Abby” has been written by the daughter instead of the mother. This sound like the advice of the daughter and not the mother. I can’t imagine the original “Dear Abby” giving such lame advice. I have read the “Dear Abby” column for years. I noticed when the daughter took over, the advice became more from an “airheads” point of view. In fact, it seems that most of the time, you get more sound advice from readers writing in to “correct” some form of advice she has given to others. Could be your chance to write “Dear Abby” with some insightful advice of your own.

  2. Not surprised that Abby would drop the ball. The social engineers have completely normalized the behaviour today. Obama is saying one of the first things he intends to do is do away with, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

    The homosexual agenda has embraced the civil rights movement and is placating to the emotions of the masses. The masses find it hard to ‘kick against the goads’ when they have their own sexual skeletons in the closets, ie. premarital sex, adultery, swinging lifestyles, etc.

    Have you heard about the young lady (22) who is selling her virginity on e-bay? The bidding has gone as high as 3.7 million to a guy in Australia. She is holding off on the actual sell to see how she will be able to monetize the whole stunt for the long hall.

    Hurry Jesus…not sure how much of this I can take before the skull explodes.

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