Chilly drive last night

I know that we aren’t getting the cold like those further to the north of us, but it’s still pretty cold here in our part of Missouri!  Last night I was in Columbia doing a Bible study based on our booklet Is This the ONLY Day of Salvation? and while driving home along I-70 I took this picture of our van’s Direction/Temperature indicator with my phone:


And it certainly didn’t stop there…  Of course, that doesn’t include the effect of wind chill, which made the temperature feel like approximately -453°F (or, you know, something like that).

As for me, the cold temperatures brought an unexpected reminder to my mind of how much time I wasted on an overabundance of science fiction when I was younger.  As I walked to my car with my coat open and unzipped, I immediately thought to myself, “You’re a bad Fremen.”

(Those who have similarly misspent their youth will recognize the reference to Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune.  That’s not an endoresement of the book, mind you — simply a testimony that even more than 20 years later, it is hard to escape the effects of time spent in childhood.  If any of you out there are watching my Teen Bible Studies this month, take heed! 🙂 )

5 thoughts on “Chilly drive last night

  1. Carolyn

    It’s been a little chilly here, too. I had to put on a long sleeve shirt when I went out to pick a couple of oranges of my tree last night. : )

    I remember childhood memories. What really makes me feel old, though, is hearing a song on the radio that my oldest son use to listen to all the time being played on the “oldies but goodies” station.

    “Warm” regards to you and your family.

  2. troy riggs

    I do not feel sorry for you, it is 65 and by Wednesday it will be 73, I am planning on staying warm. troy

  3. The temperature is in the 40’s where I live. Not as cold as you guys. I have to work in it, however, so I have to move fast to stay warm. In a way, I kind of enjoy it.

    I never read the Dune novel. I misspent my youth reading the Tolkien triology.

  4. Ed Ewert

    Last Thursday overnight, the temperature dropped to -40 here in Regina. And I have to do construction work outside.

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