The Joy of Being Jewish in Europe

Today’s AP article “Gaza conflict spreads to Europe with Jews attacked” is a sad statement.  I don’t have time today to add much in the way of my own comments, but I wanted to pass on the link to those who would find it worthwhile reading.

In particular, I found the comment in the article about the 2,300 Jews who left France in 2002 and moved to Israel because they felt unsafe to be telling.  Israel is fighting in Gaza, so a burning car is driven into the gate of a synagogue in France, two Jews are shot — one in the arm and one in the leg — in a shopping mall in Denmark (after putting up with mud, firecrackers, being spat upon, and listening to shouts of “slaughter all the Jews,” I might add), and burning rags are shoved through a mailbox into a Jewish home in Belgium.

Wow, that… uh… makes sense.  Yeah.

And America should look to Europe as a model of civility?  Hmmm…

Don’t get me wrong — I know that most if not all of these incidents (and the others, too many to list) find their origins in certain subcultures in Europe and in Muslim communities, but it doesn’t seem to me that a continent which appears to experience such difficulties so routinely is in a position to lecture others on how to ensure a civilized society.  (Mind you, I’m not saying America is necessarily in a better position.)  [EDITOR: Thanks, BL, for the proofreading here!]

Hate knows no borders, and the time pictured by Isaiah 11:9 seems as far away as ever.  Thankfully, it is not — and we should all pray all the more that that day is hastened is on its way with all possible speed.

5 thoughts on “The Joy of Being Jewish in Europe

  1. Brian

    Off topic, but I know there are some pretty active cerebrums on here…
    Did anyone else have trouble sleeping last night? Very uncharacteristic of me, I had trouble staying asleep. Not uncomfortable, or sick, or anything. Just couldn’t really sleep, my wife had the same problem. I mentioned it to a co-worker, he said the same thing happened to him and his wife. He said it must be a moon phase or something.
    My wife actually had a friend who had only one of his twins that had trouble sleeping too.

    Just wondering if anyone else had the same problems or had any insight/thoughts on this phenom?

  2. Howdy, Brian: Just a quick note to say (1) thanks for noticing the “is/isn’t” mistake above (now corrected), and (2) nope — slept like a log. (How it is that logs actually sleep I leave to the botanists among us…)

  3. Deano

    Yuppers, and before the time of Isaiah 11:9 comes, the time of Zechariah 14:3-5 will come as Jesus the Jew splits the mountain and buries the squatters for a thousand years.

    It is ever increasingly more obvious why He will have to rule with a rod of iron when He returns.

    Hope you’re all well up there.

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