USA: 1776-2010?

Interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal: “As if Things Weren’t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.”

Apparently back in 1998 Russian professor (and former KGB analyst) and dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats, Igor Panarin, predicted the disintegration of the U.S into six separate regions in 2010. Each of the regions — weakened by economic- and ethnic-related strife — would then be gobbled up or “adopted” by foreign powers or interests, including China, Japan, Canada, Russia, Mexico, and the European Union. He continues to stand by his prediction and believes that the current situation only lends more credence to it.

Others seem to think so, too.  His prediction is certainly getting him a lot of air time, and these days and he is apparently being interviewed about twice a day.

I highly recommend reading the article yourself — click on the title above, or if your mouse is tired you can click here.

While on one hand, I would be surprised if things turned out exactly as he predicts; on the other hand I know that the Bible does predict that the U.S. will experience dire consequences in the near future if it does not repent and seek the God that has prospered her.  Read more here if you are interested: The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.

8 thoughts on “USA: 1776-2010?

  1. Deano

    It does seem that Jerusalem’s ancient fall being the sign to the modern house of Israel (Ezek 4:3) might lend some credence to the scenario. If the land was divided up and given as collateral it sure would make it easier for the US to fall section by section and folks to be shipped off to serve off their debts – or how ever it plays out.

    Maybe there will be more detailed similarities than we realize. Wasn’t Judah/Jerusalem a tributary state for Babylon while it was being destroyed and people taken captive in waves?

  2. Hey Deano, speculation is a nice pastime… but whatever plays out we are told for sure Jesus will return as a thief in the night. Personally, I don’t see loaded A380s leaded to the Black Forest with American prisoners any more than I see room for a 200 million person army occupying the Land of Promise… have been there… there’s just not enough room for them! Now there’s fuel for some real speculation but I’ll spare you!!

  3. Deano

    Well, Kildrum, I would say, that to say that just because 200 million men cannot stand on the very front line gives sound implication that the 200 million man army is not able to be present, would be inaccurate. After all, the Kingdom of God was present among the Scribes and Pharisees by the presence of the King of that Kingdom.

    Now as to the captives being taken or driven to other nations, as described repeatedly in the Bible, I find no speculation in it – as it is written. . . . The details of how it all happens are perhaps speculative, but is the occurrence? I don’t see it that way. Nevertheless and even so, we are told to watch – and I assume that would be to the end that we are thinking and considering, and maybe even talking about, the events that are taking place. And hopefully, as Paul said, we won’t be in darkness that the Day of the Lord should overtake us as a thief in the night.

  4. Craig

    It seems Prof. Igor is more prescient than most. However, his fracturing into six regions is probably off base, and certainly his timeframe. A trifle too early me thinks.

    It is not so much the fracturing, but who will control/influence each region that seems weird. For an ex-KGB analyst, he doesn’t seem to understand Mexican/U.S. demographics, nor Canadians, nor Europe. The idea that Canada will want to or could control the American midwest is ludicrous. Canada could easily fracture into 3 or 4 regions also. Our nation has always been more tenuous than the U.S. Having the EU control the eastern states might fit Bible prophecy though.

    China and Russia being the global financial regulator? Chauvinism, not logic got the best of him here. Quite obvious from Bible prophecy (and to Europeans) that it will be the EU.

    The scariest thing to me is the response from the White House. Humorous dismissal. Hubris has been the fall of many civilizations.

  5. I think it’s okay to speculate on some of the details regarding end time prophecy. As long as the person doesn’t get too dogmatic about it.

    We know that the King of the South will push at the King of the North, for example. But will it be a devastating oil embargo? A nuclear device? What?

    Speculation is a natural result of watching world events. You see the possibilities. Getting dogmatic on scenarios which the Bible doesn’t reveal, however, is a big mistake.

  6. A six-way break up seems unnatural. I have read articles on the web about the unification of North America. Although, the EU has beauricraticely drawn new regions on Britian.

    Now to read the linked article.

  7. Howdy, Lyndell —

    As for the hypothetical unification of North America (and the “Amero”), it is, in my opinion, still something discussed more by conspiracy theorists (and even by non-conspiracy-theorist-folks like me) than by actual policymakers. Arguments have been made, to be sure, but they generally aren’t being made by those making policy and it is more of a discussion among academics.

    (On a related note: Anyone who listens to Hal Turner on this topic is setting himself up for deception. He has been so wrong on the “Amero” — and repeatedly so — that you have to wonder if he is really that gullible or is simply lying. Falsehoods do not become true simply because they are stated confidently and are claimed to be “backed” by “sources.”)

    I’m less interested in the results predicted by Panarin as I am his argumentation about the forces he sees that could cause such a split. While his timing and ultimate prediction may be off, his analysis of the underlying factors and motivating internal pressures could be very worthwhile.

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