Egg Nog, yes. Christmas, no.

I do like egg nog.  One of the great things about this season (that is, about winter) is the presence of that wonderful concoction on our grocery stores’ shelves.  But I don’t like Christmas.  Yes, I am a Christian.  No, I do not like Christmas.

My apologies that I have been lax this year — normally I have a post or two about “Why I do not keep Christmas” or somethig of that nature, but things have been rather crazy this year and as my blogging, in general, has taken a hit, so has this particular flavor of post.

And today, I don’t plan to make up for it much, in that I have so much to do that I can not in good conscience spend much more time on this post than I have already.  So, let me take the easy way out, if you will.  First, let me link to some of what I have written in the past on the subject:

Then I have written a couple of posts that at least touch on the subject:

(OK, I included the last one only because I like the reference to the Andy Williams song.)

And — last but not least — let me link to a nice, recent commentary by Mr. Gary Ehman on the Living Church of God website that uncovers the truth and the lie about the “Rotund Red One”:

So, while I’m all for egg nog, Christmas is a “no no”.  I love and respect the living Jesus Christ too much to allow myself or my family to have anything to do with Christmas.

Have a great Thursday (and let’s just leave it at that). 🙂

8 thoughts on “Egg Nog, yes. Christmas, no.

  1. I like egg nog, too. I always try to work on Xmas as a matter of principle. Except that I had to fix the pipes under the kitchen sink, and that is not fun.

  2. Robert

    Now, if you really followed Jesus, you would have observed the Feast of Dedication (John 10) following in the footsteps of Jesus. Oh, I forgot, you preach “replacement” theology. Now, everything’s christian even the Sabbath.

  3. Howdy, Robert —

    My apologies for the delay in comment moderation. My family and I just returned about a couple of hours ago from a weekend trip to Kansas City (late night drive!)

    Thanks for the input (OK: the mistakenly smug & inaccurate input). Let me correct both of your mistakes:

    Yes, in addition to the festivals instituted by God and commanded of us in Scripture, I do follow the example of my Lord by keeping the festivals and observances of my own nation and people just as He did His (those, of course, that do not contradict God’s law). I hope you do the same. Hanukkah, regardless of what you might think, is not one the festivals of my nation and people, but thanks for the suggestion. And if you kept it, yourself, I hope it was a good one for you.

    No, we do not preach replacement theology. If you think that we do, then I suspect at least one of the following is true (or at least a mixture of elements from several of these options): (1) You are incredibly ignorant of our beliefs and teachings. (2) You are incredibly ignorant about what replacement theology really is. (3) You have a glimmer of understanding of replacement theology, but the small amount you know is overshadowed by your larger ignorance such that you don’t understand the huge difference between it and our teachings. (4) You hear your fellow Judaistic Christians mock it so much that you accuse any and all who do not accept your views on Judaistic Christianity of replacement theology in knee-jerk fashion, even if it doesn’t really apply. Or, (5) sloppy theology is just bad habit of yours.

    If I were a betting man (and if God allowed!), my money would be on a blend of items (3) & (4). Regardless, you need to educate yourself a bit. Frankly, our teaching disagrees with replacement theology to the point that many replacement theologians would be offended at your comment.

    (And my apologies if the quotes you placed around “replacement” were meant to indicate that you were thinking of some sort of personal or fringe version of replacement theology that would not be identifiable to anyone who actually knows what normal replacement theology is. I just assumed it was your way of being “cute.”)

    Thanks for your (again, mistakenly smug & inaccurate) contribution, Robert, and best wishes on figuring out that if something is Christ’s then, yes, it is Christian (regardless of how you or the world misunderstands that adjective).

  4. Craig

    I like the taste of eggnog too, but almost never have any. It is just far too unhealthy with all that lactose, protein, cholesterol, and refined sugar. If someone could just invent something that tastes the same, but is actually good for you…

    Been in the Church for 40 years and don’t know what “replacement” theology is. Looked it up…oh, yes—the idea that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s Plan. Well… since God’s Plan for Firstfruits predates ancient Israel, plus Eternal Life and Sonship were never offered to physical Israel, the Church that Jesus heads is not replacing anything except human governments in future.

  5. Actually, we drink egg nog without the liquor. Nothing against alcohol (in moderation) — we just enjoy it in its sweet, noggy simplicity. And by “we” I mean “the kids and I,” as the missus is not as much of an egg nog fan.

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