Our Wacky Magnetic Field & Ionosphere

Just a quick hit today, as we are gearing up for a trip (will be gone until Friday).  I post these because I know there are at least some who would be interested.

The ever-interesting “Watts Up With That?” blog has posted info on two interesting facts that have been discovered about the earth, recently.  One, a big rip in the magnetic field.  Two, an unusual dip in the ionosphere.  Read them both here:

Anthony Watts has also done great work reporting on the unusually low solar activity this cycle.  Check it out if you are interested in that sort of thing.

The Bible does prophesy about upcoming cosmic and planetary disturbances — though I’m not saying these things are necessarily related. 🙂  Still, items like these remind me that we don’t have even our immediate neighborhood completely understood quite yet.

What are you thinking?

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