Quick hits today…

I really need to focus my efforts on some articles and other matters today, but I thought I would list a few “quick hits” before lunch…

  • As Mark Twain may have said, reports of the demise of television have been greatly exaggerated — at least according to Nielsen Media Research.  Instead, Americans are watching more TV than ever.  Read about it here: “Time spent watching TV continues growing”.  I disagree with those who predict that the Internet will somehow replace television, although I do think that the influence of the Internet will grow.  Personally, I see a merging of the two technologies in the future, but for now I do believe that TV is still the king, and it is clear (at least it should be) that television has a major role to play on the Work.  (Our fast growing television responses over the last year speak to this, as well.)
  • I may have given the wrong impression with the recent post I created using voice recognition technology.  Let me add some details: (1) It actually took me longer (I believe) to create that post using the voice recognition software than it would have to have typed it; (2) it is not yet good enough for me to be able to use in the ways I am ultimately hoping I can use it; (3) this is the (very) beginning of an ongoing experiment, exploring the feasibility of using such software; (4) I have found (so far) that the program’s ability to transcribe pre-recorded material (e.g., sermons) is horrible compared to what I can do speaking into it directly; (5) the software will hopefully get better the more I use it (which seems to be happening to at least some extent — the verdict is currently out); and, finally, (6) the software seems to work much better when it is used in combination with keyboard work.

    So, while the technology holds much promise, we should be reminded that some have died not having received the promises. 🙂

Have a great day, and I hope your Thanksgiving is a good one (and a thankful one)!

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