On last week’s Tomorrow’s World tapings

With flying in and getting back to my family on Thursday night, then preparing Friday for a sermon on the Sabbath, things have been hectic!  We are heading up to Dallas today to spend the rest of the week with folks there, including my side of our family, so today represents a nice change of pace.

I thought I would spend some moments letting everyone know about the topics we taped for Tomorrow’s World this week.

The first topic I taped was about the Kingdom of God, and the telecast offered our newest booklet, “The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like?”.

It is a topic that I have wanted to cover on the telecast for a long time, and I must admit that it was frustrating trying to force all that I wanted to say into a small enough space that it would fit on the telecast.  Of course, the solution was to hold back from forcing all I wanted to say and only say just enough.  There will always be more telecasts (God willing!), and I can make those points another time.

BTW: Took me a while to learn this same lesson when crafting sermons and sermonettes, too!  Those who say time limitations on speakers somehow “limit” God’s ability to inspire a message need to meditate a bit on that.  I have never heard an argument that general time limitations in speaking “limit” God’s inspiration that does not ultimately fall apart when compared to (1) scripture, (2) experience, and (3) reason.  That’s not to say that I didn’t once believe it, myself, and Jeremiah 17:9 is true of all of us!  But it just isn’t true, and it’s never too late to learn.  However, I have digressed! 🙂  Back to the point of this post…

In particular, on this telecast I really wanted to spend more time slamming the false teachings that the Kingdom of God is (1) the church, (2) heaven, (3) the spread of Christianity on earth, or (4) a warm, fuzzy, “Wow, I’m saved!” feeling in one’s heart.  While I did demonstrate how these are false, I ended up trying to spend more time on teaching what the Kingdom of God actually IS as opposed to what it isn’t.  In the end, it is a more <strong>positive</strong> message that way — a message about the literal, soon-coming government of God on earth, to be ruled by Jesus Christ from Jerusalem, assisted by His glorified, transformed saints as they help Christ make of this earth all it was supposed to be and teach all mankind of its true destimy and purpose.  (Actually, working on this particular telecast really fueled my excitement for creating a telecast this season about one of my favorite topics — God’s mind-blowing plan for humanity — and offering our booklet, “Your Ultimate Destiny”.  I can’t wait!)

The second program was not one I was planning on giving.  I had gone to Charlotte expecting to tape a program that offers our booklet “Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity”, but as I sat in the studio watching Mr. Rod King tape his first telecast of the session — an excellent, and quite specific, presentation of the same booklet, I believe — I suddenly got an idea for a different topic: “How to Get God’s Attention.”  I took note of it and planned on taping something on it at a later date, but as the week wore it seemed like that topic was the one to focus on, as more and more ideas came to me as the days moved by.  So, “God’s Attention” won out, and it was the second show I taped, offering “Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer”.

This is the first time I have offered this particular booklet, and I hope it goes well — it’s a wonderful booklet than can help so many.

Since coming back, I have thought of an approach that I would like to take in offering “Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity”, so I’m glad that I didn’t do that one on this trip.  Ditto for “Your Ultimate Destiny” (which, at one point early on, was the booklet I was considering for the “Kingdom of God” telecast).

And such a time to be taping programs — when it looks as though we are going on CNBC in Europe, Russia, Israel, and many Gulf States, Sunday mornings at 8:00AM CET!  What a door that has opened to us — all of that happened so fast while I was in Charlotte, from initial opportunity to meeting, discussion, decision, and action.  It was a wonder to watch!  And it is both thrilling and humbling to be a part of a Work that still believes in going through the open doors of Revelation 3:8.

With so much happening — including the work on our brand new production studio — it is a wonderful time to be a part of God’s Work, and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

I’d love to talk about more, such as how wonderful and helpful it was to be there at the same time as Mr. Rod King and how helpful it was for us to strategize, discuss what we are learning, etc., I’m afraid that it is time to pack!  Have a great day — and in the event that I do not write again before Thursday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

One thought on “On last week’s Tomorrow’s World tapings

  1. gary

    Thank you. It is so nice to learn about how things at headquarters are from a personal point of view. It is inspiring to watch how our God is moving the work forward and the direction that the programs are heading. Thanks again.

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