LeBron and Manilow – I knew it…

Sitting here in the waiting area outside Mr. Crockett & Dr. Winnail’s offices, I just zipped over to check some Internet news and found something that confirmed a suspicion I have long held.  The AP is reporting that basketball star LeBron James apparently has Barry Manilow on his iPod.

See — I always knew that LeBron and I had more in common than our tall, muscular physiques and athletic prowess.

14 thoughts on “LeBron and Manilow – I knew it…

  1. Carolyn

    Hmm…two men singing a Peaches and Herb song…probably about as bad as on Karoke night at teen camp a couple summers ago three women tried to sing “I Got You Babe”…

  2. I have no idea who LeBron James is. And I barely know who Barry Manilow is. (The guy who made the whole world sing?)

    I do like big slices of rye bread, though. Especially with a big piece of fish and lots of tartar sauce.

  3. Steve: One word: “Wikipedia”

    As the other comments about singing a Peaches and Herb song, perhaps we could “repurpose” it like they did with some of those songs in the Whoopi Goldberg “Sister Act” movie. Though, now I’m upset because you forced me to remember that I have seen the Whoopi Goldberg “Sister Act” movie. In fact, I’m upset that I have actually had to type “Whoopi Goldberg”. Three times. Just don’t make me type “The View”. Ack, I just did it! I’m going to pull the battery out of my laptop before things get any further out of hand…

  4. Sorry, Mr Smith! I didn’t mean to cause you any unpleasant thoughts. I just hear people talking things; I’m totally lost; so I think, “what are you guys talking about?!?

    You’re making me laugh (in a friendly way), though.

    I have no idea what “The View” is. I barely know who Whoopi Goldberg is (a comedian actress?) But I’m going to leave it alone.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to hop in my vehicle and do a property check. There’s a squirell that I keep bumping into. A big, good looking fellow. I think that I’ve learned his routine – he’s visiting the oak trees by the pond to collect acorns every morning.

    Maybe I should get out more???

  5. Carolyn

    To be sung to the tune of “Reunited”
    Mr. Smith’s part…
    I was uprooted to ever leave the state.
    Me minus Texas keeps me crying up late.
    The move we did has left me somewhat off track.
    I realize I love Texas, cause I want to move back. Hey, hey.

    Still working on Mr. Sena’s part…

  6. Mr. Sena: I plead the fifth. You’re on your own, buddy.

    Richard: Ha! I’m didn’t know I could groan and laugh at the same time! Good one.

    Carolyn: Obviously, you’ve missed a calling.

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