My phone and I are both in Charlotte

Sitting here waiting for my dinner, I thought I would check in and let interested parties know that I have arrived safely in Charlotte. I was able to stop by HQ for a bit before everyone was gone for the day and check out a piece of new equipment for the new TV set, as well as say “Howdy” to some folks before they left the office. Some folks here for the Council of Elders meeting (which concluded today) were still hanging around before leaving to go to Mr. Meredith’s house for dinner.

My thanks to everyone who prayed for a safe trip! I am looking forward to getting settled in and working on my scripts, which — even after several days of work — still seem horribly incomplete (OK… they *are* still horribly incomplete). Mr. Rod King is taping a program tomorrow, and I am excited about sitting in. The last time we were able to sit in on each other’s tapings I found it wonderfully profitable, and I anticipate a repeat of the experience this week and next.

There is more I could say, but my thumbs are getting tired of typing on my phone. 🙂 Again, my thanks to everyone who is praying for this trip and for our work on the telecast! I can’t tell you how encouraging that is — really, thank you *so* much. May God help us to throw ourselves more deeply and fully into His work with every passing day.

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