Back under a Texas sky

It feels much later than it ought to feel, but 13 hours on the road does that!

I know it seems crazy, and you can chalk it up latitude differences, air content, the effect of geography on cloud patterns, whatever. And I love our adopted state of Missouri, so please don’t get me wrong.  But getting out of the car tonight at our destination and looking up at the moon and the stars and the clouds, it just seemed different in some way — it seemed comforting and familiar.  All I could think was that it felt good to be under a Texas sky, again.

I’ll be flying out to Charlotte on Wednesday.  If I can blog from there I will.  However, at the place I will be staying there is no Internet access, and while at the office at HQ I will be rather busy (frankly, I am so behind in finishing my scripts, that I will probably be busy when I am not at the office, too!).

Wherever you are and whenever you are reading this, have a great night/morning/afternoon/day/whatever!

One thought on “Back under a Texas sky

  1. Carolyn

    I understand looking up at the sky and feeling at home. I experience the same thing when I go to Kentucky. I think John Denver knew what he was talking about when he mentioned in one of his songs that West Virginia was “almost heaven”. Of course you know what that would make Kentucky!

    You have a wonderful day!

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