Some brief snapshots from election night

This morning is rushing by!  Still, I have to get these things off my chest.

First, though my family and I, as a matter of our religious convictions, do not participate in politics, I must say that my whole family (well, Boy #4 — almost 5 years old — less so) has been very interested in the recent presidential election.  As polls finally began to close, we had the Fox News map up on our computer and seven-year-old Boy #3 just could not get enough of it.  He was constantly asking me, “Who’s winning?  What does that mean?  Is that good for Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama?”  Really, I don’t recall being that excited or interested at his (approximate) age when it was Ford versus Carter.

It’s blurry, but here’s a picture of Boy #3 “working the chart”:


But that wasn’t the most exciting thing about election night.  That honor goes to the visit we had from Mr. Most Hideous Potato in the World:


He was quite a hit at dinner time, especially after he donned his toupee once he noticed the paparazzi was out:


And in answer to your question: yes, I did just publish a picture of a potato.

(I hope you will forgive my levity, but I have a dentist appointment coming up this afternoon and I can use all the levity I can muster…)

2 thoughts on “Some brief snapshots from election night

  1. Carolyn

    I don’t remember being excited about the elections when I was the age of your boys, but I do remember at age 4 the impact of President Kennedy getting shot….It disturbed me very much that for two weeks I didn’t get to watch Kaptain Kangaroo because they kept playing over and over the shooting and then the funeral.

  2. Agree with Carolyn. I was in first grade when President Kennedy got shot. Our teacher announced to the class, and she was very upset, but we didn’t quite understand.

    Then I was sitting in front of the TV with my parents, watching the funeral march. The whole thing was very disturbing to me. That’s how I learned about politics.

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