Heads up: a follow up on the check up…

Just thought I would mention (as I wouldn’t want it to keep anyone up at night) that my previously mentioned dentist visit went well.  I have a couple of crowns that need replacing, but we should be able to do that after the telecast tapings in Charlotte and the family trip to Texas so I don’t have to worry about having temporary crowns during that time — and my history with temporary crowns isn’t the best, so that’s fine with me.  Took Boys #3 & #4 with me, as well, for their check ups, and the dentist was impressed with their healthy teeth.

Otherwise, having just had a thorough, professional cleaning, my teeth are sparkling clean and silky smooth.  So, of course, I rewarded them on the way home by bathing them in some sweet, sweet Dr Pepper…

3 thoughts on “Heads up: a follow up on the check up…

  1. Merrilee

    Thanks for the update. I was worried about you all night (no) considering your history of root canals. Really, I’m glad you’re not needing a root canal. I rejoice with you over your healthy teeth. Thanks for the levity, too — I needed a good laugh. lol

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