How should Christians react to Sen. Obama’s election?

Although I personally despair of finding time to write an original post in the very near future, I can at least point you to the writings of others!  While I would love to write about the election and my own thoughts and reactions, for the moment allow me to point you to the current commentary on the LCG website: “Change We Can Believe In” by Mr. William Bowmer.  Here’s the beginning:

A historic election season in the United States has come to a close, and the nation has selected a new leader who energized the hopes and dreams of millions with his vision for America, epitomized in his slogan: “Change We Can Believe In.”

President-elect Barack Obama will soon take office as the chief executive of a country that, despite its severe economic and social troubles, is still widely considered the world’s only “superpower.” How should Christians react to his election?

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4 thoughts on “How should Christians react to Sen. Obama’s election?

  1. I do not believe in many of the changes he proposes, because I believe he does not know what he is doing, and will make things worse.

    Aside from the political issues, Obama will help remove America’s superpower status in the world, because he is too foolish, and unwise to handle the problems that only God can solve. He is not a godly man, who would seek God for wisdom, so in 4 years, our country will be deeper in debt. Also, our country will be much worse morally in 4 years. More treachery, more violence, more crime, more scandal, more child molestations, more gays, more abortions. Godlessness will be the norm, and Christians will be sued for hate crimes.

    Christians should pray for his salvation and the salvation of all those who turned their backs on God to vote for him. Also, they should pray for strength to endure to the end, because sticking to our faith may cost us our friends, reputations and jobs. I think we will see more Christians fall away in the next 4 years, to join the worldly mindset.


  2. rakkav

    Mr. Bowmer’s article is so good that I made sure I linked to it on my own blog…along with some classic and typically scathing comments (against both sides of the aisle) by Ann Coulter of HUMAN EVENTS and another article on the same Web site. (Mrs. Coulter’s remarks illustrate why we shouldn’t get involved in this world’s politics … even when we were be right, we’d be wrong, if you follow me!)

    ברכות בישוע המשיח
    יוחנן רכב

  3. One way Christians may react to Obama’s election is to see how it may fit in with events God is working out that will bring fulfillment of prophecy and God’s plan.

    In this country, many of those who are strongly against Obama and fear his presidency may become much more concerned about the future of this country and their own future, to the point of maybe being more responsive to the Church’s message. Thus, responses to the telecast and magazine articles will continue to increase, I hope.

    But also, with Obama and the Democrats in the Congress in power, this country may continue to move in the direction of political correctness that will seek to silence those who teach God’s moral standards from the Bible, and this can negatively affect TV station’s acceptance of our telecast. If that happens, the Internet will be even more important as a vehicle for preaching the gospel to the public.

    Overseas, our enemies will be less afraid to challenge us and our “friends” will be more motivated to look to their own strength for security and not the United States. Europe may be more motivated to build a strong military because they will not trust Obama to defend them.

    Then there is Israel. Israel must be concerned about Obama. Israel is also concerned about Iran’s nuclear program. Israel must know that if there is a confrontation with Iran, she can rely on Bush more than Obama. What this may mean may be painful to contemplate.

    And in the Church, we should all be motivated to trust God and rely on Him and seek Him more and more as the troubles of this world increase.

  4. rakkav

    Leaving Mr. Bowmer’s wise and cautious words aside…

    When a President-elect is cheered by EU elitists on the one hand and America’s and Israel’s worst enemies on the other, and when so many Americans don’t or won’t think through what that means, we are REALLY in trouble. And that’s not even taking into account Mr. Obama’s alleged background and his alleged stances on moral and economic issues…

    When are the 6,000 years from Adam supposed to end? 2016-2017 AD, autumn-to-autumn? A lot can happen in that time.

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