TV inspires teenagers (to lower their morals)

I wish I had time to write!  Not just on the blog, but anything: articles, e-mails, et al. — I have not managed my time too well recently, and much work has piled up, I’m afraid.  So forgive this fairly commentary-free post, but I know that some out there will be interested in this news but might otherwise miss it.

According to the AP, a recent study suggests that when teens watch racy TV programs they have higher odds of becoming pregnant or, in the case of boys, making others pregnant.  I know the “kids are smart enough to distinguish between fact and fantasy” crowd out there may think the study is rigged, but they are free to look into it, themselves.  On my part, I figure this one can be filed under the “Duh” category (in fact, I think I will add a “Duh” category to this blog for such stories), but — still — it is nice to see science backing up common sense in a day when, sadly, common sense isn’t so “common” anymore.

The apostle Paul said long ago: “Evil company corrupts good habits” (1 Cor. 15:33).  The people we allow into our homes to spend time with our children are their companions, whether they are flesh and blood or electron and pixel.

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P.S.  (Warning: Sarcasm ahead.)

For parents out there who are worried that their teens are not interested enough in morally repugnant television programs that will encourage them to abandon good values, lower their standards, and degrade themselves without restraint or compunction, the author of the original Sex and the City book is now creating a line of novels for teens to help them long all the more to become like cable TV’s favorite harlot heroine.

Also, if you’re less interested in promiscuous attitudes and more interested in desensitizing them to acts of bloodshed and instilling within them violent, psychopathic tendencies, you might consider the exciting world of video games!  Features such as Manhunt 2 on the Wii, which lets you physically act out the gruesome acts of slaughter you are virtually committing and watching on screen, should be a real help.  In fact, you might be able to accelerate the corruption of your teenager’s mind even faster and more thoroughly than if you left him to watch violent movies, alone.  How about that!

(End of sarcasm.)

Seriously: Pray for our children — not only that they will be able to navigate through all this world has to “offer” but also that they are able to deal with the world that will surround them in the years to come that has been programmed in horrible ways we are observing today.

3 thoughts on “TV inspires teenagers (to lower their morals)

  1. Carolyn

    Who needs television or video games to enlighten our children. Recently in California some people thought in light of the new “same sex marriage” law, it would be a “teachable moment” to take first graders on a field trip to a real life same sex marriage ceremony!

    Yes, we definetely need to be praying for our children and for God’s Kingdom come soon!!

  2. I saw that headline, actually.

    I remember a story comparing what our UAV pilots see to that a video game. In the movie Toys videos games was the disguise for remote controlling real combat. The Last Starfighter presents a video console as a fighter pilot trainer. The Army has published a video game and uses simulators in training.

    Other research has shown imagining playing basketball improved one’s game. Thought leads to action; practice like you play.

  3. I believe the study you talked about is true. We don’t watch much TV for that very reason. Too much sick stuff.

    We have a couple of budding teenaged boys. Our strategy is to keep them moving, so they don’t have time for such things.

    Actually, we worry more about peer influence than TV. We’re keeping a close eye on that!

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