Fantastic Tomorrow’s World results!

Howdy, all!  Went out to get some books for the boys’ schoolwork this evening and came back to some great news in my Inbox!

Many of you in my area upon hearing (from the announcements sent out by HQ in Charlotte) about the number of responses and subscription requests that came in to Tomorrow’s World took place during the Feast of Tabernacles asked me if those numbers were “normal”.  I told you I wasn’t sure but that they seemed (wonderfully) high to me.

Well, the memo I received today confirmed it.  The total was 42% greater than last year’s record Festival period total!  In fact, during the Feast the telecast of mine that was aired was a repeat (“End Time Powers of the Middle East”), yet it brought in 32% more responses than its original airing and 61% more responses than the first time it ran as a repeat.  Mr. Ames’ most recent telecast (“The ‘Superpower’ Beast of Revelation”) also brought in a record number of responses for that program, far outpacing its original run.

So while God was feeding us all so well, He was busy blessing the telecast, as well!  Please keep the telecast, magazine, and internet efforts in your prayers.  As those of us who work on various elements of them know so well, success comes not by might, nor by power, but by His spirit (Zech. 4:6).  Christ promised us that “this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end shall come” (Matt. 24:14), and He will keep His word!

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Tomorrow’s World results!

  1. Kinnear Penman

    Hi Mr Smith, I echo your comments about the fact that while we were feasting God was busy. After all, He neither slumbers nor sleeps, He promises.

    And, Yes, that lastest repeat programme by Mr Ames. Here in New Zealand over 200 responses of which at least 111 were from folk who have never called us before.

    I remain amazed that week after week and broadcasting on just one station for most of this decade we still average about 50% of our calls from first time callers.

    Kinnear Penman

    PS Maths was never my strong point but does “The total was 42% greater than last year’s record Festival period total — almost double!” make mathematical sense?

    [EDITOR: Ack! How humiliating! Of course you are right, and — once again — the mistakes born of writing too quickly arise to chastise me. I have stricken the “almost double” comment and will be calling my math professors to see about what form an appropriate act of penance might take… Thanks for pointing it out! — WGS]

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